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3d Tv, Greatness or a Headache ?

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3d Tv, Greatness or a Headache ?

Posted in : entertainment on by : Tips Of Tech

Is anyone buying this? the prices are crazy high. The question to ask is ” is there a button to turn off  3d mode for just in case I have guests over and not enough glasses”. 3d videos are a great tech, but it kind of flops for me after about 10 minutes. I get headaches and my eyes feel crossed for days after.

I am sure that at one time some company was working on an LCD lens that worked kind of like a hologram and would produce a very three dimension looking image. What happened to that ?

Truthfully, not much is going to beat HD. LOL uselessness. somethings you have to say ” why would anyone fall for this?”. i mean come on. If you need some sort of glasses that allow you to see better definition…. See an optometrist.
I certainly will not be buying one of these to do the full evaluation. The price is way out of my budget and the possible out come and effects on me far outways my desire (minimal) to even try watching these.

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