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Amazon’s Drones Dream is just that

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Amazon’s Drones Dream is just that

Posted in : tech on by : TruXter

Amazon’s Drones Dream is just that… a dream

Regardless, of how cool anyone sees this.

It would be a bit foolish to figure a bunch of drones flying around in every city just humming up the sky as a feezible tolerable thing and never once considering how kids will start trying to pop them out of the sky.and a few drunk adults.
I can’t imagine there being that many of the Amazon drones shooting around in a city and no one getting hurt, no mid air collisions or it not being a huge waste of resources.
1 u.p.s. driver makes one long round trip around a city and drops off 400lbs worth of  small 1lbs packages. in 8 hours.A small helli shooting 20 miles out at 3-10 miles an hour to and back, can do that … what… once? Twice a day? How many drones would it take to get 400 one pound boxes out?
Picture a guy unloading a truck of junk freshly shipped from wherever. He is at the front of a neighborhood at the Amazon shipping facility. because they all are at the front of neighborhoods since the drones are slow and have short flight spans. He spends an hour or two unloading the truck and evenly spacing the packages out for the drones. now it takes 7 hours for all of the packages to get to the residents, while the delivery guy could have done it in about an hour or three.
Plus imagine the thugs and trash that will follow those things around to get free merchandise?
The whole drone idea is100% idiotic and childish.

Are we all really the “generation of instant gratification”? is this proof of how lazy we are? Is this proof of how we want items 30 minutes sooner, so bad that we will get millions of people laid off just so we can see “change” ? What if you are the last guy in a day’s drone shipping? You won’t get it any sooner, neither would the first delivery.

Sometimes some types of change are the dumbest idea.


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