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An SEO Person to Learn From

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An SEO Person to Learn From

Posted in : internet, Web Design on by : Tips Of Tech

I thought I knew everything about search engine optimization, until I met Alicia Crowder. This lady schooled me in a flash.

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Kinda made me feel inadequate when I started reading her site for all of the tips she has on how to get seen in google for categories I want to fall under. I have been trying to pick her brain a bit over the last week or so, I mean come on this lady knows her stuff. She seems to be picking back from time to time, but I know I have been all over her sites. Her recent post on her seo tips site seems to nail out exactly what she does.

I follow her on twitter to get fresh updates. but I really try and not let her know of my sites to crawl and critique, it would slaughter my ego lol.

She does offer a service where she will do theĀ  work for you, but she also has tons and tons of free information on her sites. I actually have no products to market so I just use her free advice and tips to getĀ  an idea of what I need to tweak here and there to get my content read.

Running like 6 or seven sites I feel like I am a know it all. but really I do not. but hey, who does ?

I have been using her tips for about a week now and I have seen some real changes. a big hats off to Alicia and her SEO tips.

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