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Anti-Social Networking

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Anti-Social Networking

Posted in : buddy list, networking on by : TruXter

The group from “Wayn.com” are really making me upset. I never originally signed up to that place. but I started getting invites from people who had the same names as some of my friends. Of course it was always the hot chicks I remembered from back in the old days. Hell no it’s some skank who plays model for the “wayn” group. I swear this is a bigger scam than what that one place does match.com or what ever those fake lumps of internet crap are.

I have deleted myself from that place like 5 times now and it will not let me go.

Maybe it’s when they send me that link that says “stacy sent you a message” well since I know a stacy I think it might be her telling me she found me. So I click that stupid link and since it has been a year or so since I unsigned, that click re-enlists me to that piece of scum sight.

Really it should be a law that when people opt out of spam, unsubscribe and un-enlist to your site, YOU SHOULD NOT SPAM THEM with crap that checks their memory because it has been a fricken year .

Tell me this isn’t deceptive business.


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