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Are you Getting BBHolidayCard.net Text Messages

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Are you Getting BBHolidayCard.net Text Messages

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, scam, text on by : TruXter

Have you received a text message fromĀ  BBHolidayCards.net or BBHolidayCard.net? are you wondering if thisĀ  BBHolidayCards.net and BBHolidayCard.net are scams?
The message reads:

Best Buy is giving away 50 One Thousand Dollar Gift Cards for the Holidays. Only 12 have been claimed. Enter 6384 here to get one! BBHolidayCard.net.

It’s the same message to everyone. This message is sent to millions of people, and I will guarantee you that at least 400 people will fall for it, and the messages will continue to roll out like this saying only 12 have claimed the prize.

Again, this scam does not say you won or what you won.

If this is the first text message scam you have received in the past week with the same format, and the text messages stop, consider yourself lucky. Everyone else is sick of these. It’s everyday the exact same way.

For no reason should you ever text back to these people. For no reason should you ever Click a link to the page they suggest you to go to. If for some mistaken reason you find yourself on their page, do not click any of the links on their page. If for some reason you find yourself on their page and clicking links with in their page that take you to some page that is supposed to be good, please say that you will not type in any confirmation codes or your phone number. Even/Especially if it is to remove you from a list. Because these are pump and dump sites. They are bought on stolen credit cards, they are not traceable and they will get you for everything they can. These people are practiced at doing this.



Just for your comfort, I took me a trip to that page on 4 different junk computers here at the office. Typed in random numbers. 8886, 8887,8889,5309.
All were accepted and listed as “valid” . This dude is going to sell your phone number, and the email address you put in after it redirects you. oh and to make it totally funny is there was a 5minute timer when you get to the page saying that’s how much time I had left to enter the code. Hit refresh button, and the 5 minute timer restarted. If it was valid and there was any reason for the timer other than anxiety, the timer wouldn’t start over. The scammer didn’t work out all of his bugs.


Please don’t tell me that people are hitting the share button on this crap. If so, then facebook people need to be warned also. The share count is fake. Notice in this previous scam from the same people, the likes count is the exact same. I guess it counter acts on it’s self. I mean if you share the link (and let’s say it could be winnable thing) Wouldn’t you be reducing your chances?

This BBHolidayCard.net text message is a scam
bbholidaycards.net is the same thing and takes you to the exact same page.


Poll trying to see if certain phone companies are selling our data

4 thoughts on Are you Getting BBHolidayCard.net Text Messages

  • michelle parker 2012/12/10


  • robert hidges 2012/12/10

    mine says out of 94,049 your entry placed first

  • TruXter 2012/12/10

    Past week or so I have received different texts every day. Today there hasn’t been any. I assume the person doing this is now focused on that one website, and is updating their text messages ?

    No telling though.

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