Are you Getting Text Messages

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Are you Getting Text Messages

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, MESSAGE, scam, test MESSAGE, text on by : TruXter is the latest spam to go around. This one came to me later in teh day than normal. No idea who is handing my cell phone number out to cell phone text message scammers/spammers : Please enter 8939 here to claim your prize from last week’s entry

and this image is what I got when I tried to leave, While using Firefox browser.

When I selected “Leave page” I got redirected to a penny bid/auction site. When I clicked “leave page” again, it finally let me go. but I had a background pop up that was on “”
It was a bit scarier on Internet Explorer. So I left fast and didn’t get screen shot. but that dang “blink doink” sound Explorer makes when you get pop ups startled me.

From what I can guess, they get your email address by having you put this information in on their site, and they sell your email address off to some advertising company willing to spam you for the rest of your life. Of course, since you confirmed it’s a real email address . Do nothing with that website other than warn others of’s risk to you and your privacy. does not have a prize and does not have a winner.

do not go to . they will give you nothing.

Notice the other messages about scam text messages on here and You will see that nothing changes between all of the sites this guy puts up. redirects you to

Poll trying to see if certain phone companies are selling our data