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Budget Tech Reviews

Posted in : computer, gadget, hardware, overclock, program, software, tip on by : Game News

Finally enough time to actually do reviews. There is now a tech review section of the site created specifically for budget tech. From imitation components, to budget makes and models.

See it’s as if 99% of review sites out there do the high dollar high interest  stuff. For some of us that means “dream stuff”. well this site has a whole section for the budget shopper.

you will most likely not see reviews of the 9800 video card, but you will see a review of the 9500,9400 and so on. If the best video card costs $400, you will see reviews of the $59 video card, tricks that the High end video cards barely use and how to make your budget card just as good as the $400 video card.

Inexpensive cell phones, old used cell phones found on Ebay and craigs list and so on. I call them “GEMS”. The ones that everyone owned a year ago and hacked and modified so much you could almost not tell it was the same one, The site will show you how.

Do not worry, the news section (this section) will still have tech news. All news here, all budget review and budget tricks will be found on

Budget Tech Reviews and tips

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