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Build your own Computer – Cheap

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Build your own Computer – Cheap

Posted in : computer on by : TruXter

As the budget tech review site stays in it’s theme. I think you will soon be seeing a “build your own budget beast”. This of course will be decent to slightly fast computers built from low cost computer parts from deals on the internet.
I am not sponsored by any sites that build computers or sell computer parts, (ok Wait. I signed with Tiger direct, after I created this page, and since I am sending them traffic, I now have fixed the links for my benefit, same items same prices as before, but now with me in mind) So I have all rights to show you any computer parts site and not feel like I will make anyone upset with me. Closest I have to that would be Google ads, and I have to say, they are dead on with matching ads to content. But they won’t get upset advertising fry’s while I post Compusa.
and that brings me to the next part. I got a great a great flyer in my email from compusa . on that page they list a couple barebones computers. Of course I always scroll to the bottom of the add to find the bits and computer parts so I can build it myself and see if I can save a buck. Today the parts are not the same and the deal is great… I will post my build before I post theirs…. So here it goes.

Nvidia 460 under $115

Nvidia 460 for under $115 is a great deal for a strong running better than mid stream video card. 

Amd 3 Ghz quad

$99 Amd 3 Ghz Quad Processor Phenom 2 CPU link

Windows 7 pro under $145
Excellent mid tower computer case built for optimal cooling for the budget computer builders to over clock with (ok that was cheesy but explains why I chose this one over the plane Jane simple on for $5 less) Under $75 

This power Supply is a bit costly, out of my range but will be good for many reasons. Especially the removable cables.
Or you can go with a low cost bundle power supply and case. Slightly lower expectation from this but hey, we are on a budget and know one has to care.

19 inch monitor for under $90 with extreme Contrast Ration and really fast response. I chose this over the slightly larger monitor simply because this one is better bang for the buck.

1TB hard drive for less than $60. need I say more?

8GB od DDR3 for less than $80
Liquid Cooling system for a computer processor for $60 just as a perk . If you are into the actual science of a cool machine is a happy machine.


And now for the barebone system they advertise on Compusa’s website, for under $200




If anyone thinks I should keep posting these kits let me know how you feel. Let’s hope I find better deals on other websites.

Thanks for reading the build your own.

One thought on "Build your own Computer – Cheap"

  • Scot 2011/12/20

    Well said. Took me a while to build up the nerve to build my own, but I am glad I took the first step. I am no longer bound by what the manufacturer has to offer.

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