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Welcome to the Nazi Net. What you thought the internet should be no longer is. What you enjoyed no longer . What you can and will see is up to us. Microsoft, Linux, Apple and BSD have all banned together with your local internet provider, the only internet...
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Facebook’s New Look. Good or Bad?

have you seen the new look of facebook? Seems not many are happy with the new look. I myself make it loud and clear that I hate facebook and it’s interactivity. The place is the antisocial network. You can’t call it a social network if the only friends...
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Internet Explorer released

Well here we are passed the whole" let's catch up with firefox" phase of adding tabs. Let's see if explorer caught up on the whole " well let's let them see the page they are trying to access , before we ask them if they want to save the password. one thing I hate is when a page will not load until I select yes or no on save password "what if I typoed".
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Microsoft Store