Firefox looks like Chrome now

Never thought I would see the day that Firefox tries to look like another web browser.


I guess that is what happens when you are getting slaughtered by all of the newbies wanting what the “old people” don’t use.

Too bad kids don’t realize how much wisdom comes with age, they will soon enough when they see the next group of kids doing something dumb and pointless.
The tabs is the mozilla foundation creation. So they aren’t ripping chrome off, they are just copying something copied from them already.

Just hope that Mozilla/Firefox team does not put the big ugly blue windows Xp looking border on the browser like Chrome has.

FireFox 12 Sucks

Firefox 12 is acting like Chrome now.
It’s locking up, not closing, freezing while navigating. but doesn’t do the facebook profile picture glitch that chrome does. but still, Firefox 12 is freezing up on me.

Hurry up gang, send out another update.

Speaking of update… why is it that Firefox team offers the beta version option? I mean isn’t it all beta anyway ?

Firefox 5 is a Thud

Firefox 5 while it looks pretty and has some real nice Chrome rip off looks to it. Wait isnt the plug in section for Firefox called “chrome”? hasn’t it been called Chrome for well over a decade now?
Well anyway, Firefox 5 looks like a netscape+chrome merger. Well it kind of is.
The one part about Firefox 5 that I absolutely hate is, the browser shut off my incompatible extensions. Firefox 5 didn’t suspend with the option of updating and using the new ones. I had to uninstall the dang extensions and reinstall them. Of course some stuff will be incompatible right after a recent update, but why can’t we just update the extensions and continue to use them?
Why does firefox 5 lock up on me so much? firefox 5 locks up on my dell computer at work using windows xp and my home made computer at home running windows 7.I have to use chrome now, until the Mozilla team gets their stuff together.
I would love to use my custom toolbar again.
Firefox five locks up when I upload images. If I upload images here on my site, or when I upload a picture to twitpic and firefox 5 locks up when I upload a picture to facebook. It’s not locking up while the file is in transfer, but it locks during the process of looking for the file to upload.
I guess that beats the crashes I was constantly seeing in firefox 3.

Conduit Aquires Wibiya

Conduit, the toolbar company that claims to allow it’s contributors a chance to earn money by distributing conduit’s toolbar, has now acquired Wibiya.
Wibiya is less known toolbar company that has a similar angel. The toolbar company allows you to create an account, customize a toolbar and give out links to download your custom toolbar and allow your website readers a chance at media associated to your site at all times.
I have hopes that Conduit keeps some of the employment staff and some of the creative minds behind Wibiya, at the least so they can get ideas on how to better please the people who distribute their content, and to help creative design in the toolbar industry.

I hope the best comes of this buy out merger and everyone can benefit from it together.

Here is the email I received from Conduit today.

Conduit Acquires Wibya
We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Conduit family with our acquisition of Wibiya.
Wibiya’s Wibar enables you to easily integrate a variety of Web applications into your website, boosting engagement and increasing traffic and page views for your content.

This is another step in our endeavor to provide you, our publisher, with a solution for staying in constant touch with your users:
In the browser – with Community Toolbars and apps
On mobile phones – with Conduit-powered Mobile apps
And now, on your site – with the Wibar

The addition of the Wibar to our offering does not change or affect your existing relationship with Conduit or your Conduit-powered offering in any way.

If you have any questions please read our Q&A section, or visit our Community for more information.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about what the Wibar can do for you…

The Conduit Team

Probably the best Web Browser Ever for Windows

For years I used Netscape 7.2 Suite and then seamonkey, meanwhile using Mozilla and then firefox. I tried later to use Google Chrome. It’s ok. Just not quite what I am looking for, though Google Chrome does have a great intelligence behind it. I just can’t get attached to using Google chrome. It’s good though.

But the one web browser I can not let go of, is called K-Meleon . K-Meleon used to be Linux only. but the new K-meleon for Windows is now built on the Mozilla Code. When you try and set up your email button, you are in for a cool simplified email set up. It’s fun. and easy.

Sorry I will not use explorer.


Welcome to the Nazi Net. What you thought the internet should be no longer is. What you enjoyed no longer . What you can and will see is up to us.
Microsoft, Linux, Apple and BSD have all banned together with your local internet provider, the only internet provider, comcast. All to cook up similar but slightly different operating systems. The operating systems come with just a web browser. You have no local storage drive. Storage drives have all been removed. You now have Cloud computing. Where all of your software is safely stored at a location far far away. but you can access it at a monthly fee. Our blessed internet provider has put us all on ungodly small bandwidth per week, anyone exceeding that bandwidth will be charged enormous massive fees in small increments in excess of allocated limited amount of downloads a month. So what ever you store in the cloud, better be small.
Now we had to sell it to you by forcing you to believe that it is easier to have Microsoft or Linux or mac do all the maintenance of your computer. So it’s a no hassle computer. and a virus is a thing of the past. Since of course the new internet only lets computers with just a web browser, onto the internet. and the ISP blocks all websites they consider bad. Or who have not paid their monthly “thank you for letting people connect to us” fee.
As time goes by, we will be making it easier for you and easier for you. Our end goal is the WCIS button, never mind what that stands for (What can I See). This wonderful button will bring new media and ideas straight to your computer, educating you about the world and teaching you about your rights. This wonderful button will be the only button on your computer other than the power button. Mouse no longer needed, Keyboard no longer needed. That stuff is too much work anyway. Television and computer melted into one wonderful being (but you will still pay cable fees and internet fees and land line phone fees [why? who uses a landline phone?]). To assure quality levels of our content, you must do a follow up survey for every experience you encounter with our new internet. The questions will be a simple yes or now. one click for yes, two for no. So we can better assure you that we are serving good content. Negative responses or lazy clicking yes to everything, will land you in prison for 5 years, so we mean business, you must participate.
Nazi-Net Innovating the world, making the world a better place. Nazi NEt, single handedly stopped pirating, pedos and terrorists. We’re a good thing. (wink)

The advertisement – Campaign that ends the world. Would be funny if any of that could happen. Or is it already?

FireFox Tabs Chrome Tabs and Explorer Tabs

Tabs, tabs and more tabs.
So many tabs tips all over cnet videos and every browser is migrating there. Even Mozilla Thunderbird email client defaults to opening new emails in a tab.
I personally do not care for tabs.
Tabs for me are dividers between sections, not easy clickers for a page.
We have tabs on Firefox, Explorer, Chrome and any other lesser web browser that you preffer. We are now even getting tabs with in our web pages and in media player.
I am surprised that Notepad still looks like it did when it first came out.
I am surprised no one has capitalized on tabs and decided to make a book writing format taht allows people to open one file with the chapters on each page and the pages to open in the browser by tabs allowing people to surf and feel like they are reading a real book. Then a tab would seem logical to me.

Opera Mini 5

Installed on blackberry 8100 rim and on G1 android.
I was using opera mini on my lg flip phone and Motorola rizr and blackberry for years before I got my android. Seems my rizr didn’t quite measure up so I had to install version 4.
I’m not too keen on opera on my computer. Feels kinda netscape navigator-ish.

The blackberry install was fast. Use was very smooth. Impressive appearance. Small pop ups look druple like. Could not find settings to change browser color. Navigation and page change smoother and softer than previous versions. Bookmarking has been made easier refreshing and closing ap happens fast with no lock ups.
Blackberry install I give a 10/10

Install for android, was 5 beta.
I’m beyond impressed. This is one sharp looking application. I have yet to see another app look this great. Downside is the menu bar at the bottom uses some of the screen realestate. I’m scared to turn it off, it might not come back. Menu button does nothing. Maybe if I close the bottom navigation bar it will show up in menu area. ( if anyone tested this, let me know results). Navigation bar has a forward and back button with refresh button. You no longer have to hit back button a million times to exit 10 minutes of surfing. This feature needs to be in all programs.
After you install this, do not change your home page. Look at the home page that is provided. You can have basically a bookmarks with thumbnails as your home page. Touch screen is now functional, in my honest opinion better than the default android browser. very fluid with your finger movements.
Again I could not change color or theme.
I give opera mini beta 5 for android a 10/10

Opera 4 for motorolla rizr 9/10

Facebook’s New Look. Good or Bad?

have you seen the new look of facebook?
Seems not many are happy with the new look.
I myself make it loud and clear that I hate facebook and it’s interactivity.
The place is the antisocial network. You can’t call it a social network if the only
friends you can have, are friends you already have.

webpro posts votes on facebooks looks

We are not happy, and we are not stupid

Despite those numbers, despite rabid user loyalty, you’re losing money, so much money you got delisted from Forbes’ Masters of the Universe Billionaires list. At the same time another social network, much smaller than yours with less functionality and more questionable future, is gaining a lot of buzz and membership.

Internet Explorer released

Well here we are passed the whole” let’s catch up with firefox” phase of adding tabs. Let’s see if explorer caught up on the whole ” well let’s let them see the page they are trying to access , before we ask them if they want to save the password.” One thing I hate is when a page will not load until I select yes or no on save password “what if I typoed”.

Some have informative responses (kinda)

Steve Ballmer, the chief executive officer of Microsoft, said: “With Internet Explorer 8, we are delivering a browser that gets people to the information they need, fast, and provides protection that no other browser can match.”

but here is the actual page so you can evaluate for yourself

Now you can quickly display websites that were designed for older browsers. If you’re looking at a page and the text or images aren’t lined up right, just use the new Compatibility View button next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar.