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Your rights, internet and Privacy

Posted in : internet, internet safety, internet security, online, safety, security on by : TruXter

These days are certainly different days of the past.

In the past we took everything to the highest level of precaution to avoid giving away our personal information . We refused to give up our date of birth, our names of any sort, and we kept our images to a minimum. In fear of identity theft.


Facebook Subscribers – Privacy issue

Posted in : internet, internet safety, safety on by : TruXter

You think your profile on Facebook is set safe and private.
Have you ever made a friends request to someone and they did not add you to friends but you see their posts all of the sudden? There is a reason for that. Facebook puts you in as a subscriber to that person, by default, because you requested their friendship. So, how do you keep people from subscribing to your posts?