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Wireless Wars

Posted in : RANT, tech, wifi on by : TruXter

So.. I found that one of my neighbors (not sure which one) finds it funny to get into my wifi and reboot it randomly.
oh boy, so you can hack a wifi. You smart little wifi hacker you.


Practicality and Smartwatches ?

Posted in : tech on by : TruXter

The practicality of smartwatches might be the failure of smartwatches.
This is an industry that targets people who want to say they have the money to waste on an expensive device and not care about the safety of the device while purchasing it, then later comes the cases, because…


When did Tech Forums Become So Useless?

Posted in : forum, phone, review, tech on by : TruXter

Found myself in a tech support forum looking for help, leaving there very unhelped, unsatisfied and kind of bullied. Tech forums seem to have become the guy that argues the best, is the go-to guy for tech help these days. and that seems to have killed off a lot of people’s desire to visit tech forums. This is my experience with the latest forum I went to… and a little back story. Phone never got fixed

app OR programs

Apps or Programs Poll

Posted in : poll, software, tech on by : TruXter

What would you prefer more to have. An Application or a Program ?
would you prefer to have the full entire install of a program with it’s entire file package, or an Application that is set without customizations other than per-customized addons (Which could be sturdy) that cost a bit more?


Verizon MIFI 2200 Review

Posted in : internet, internet service, review, tech on by : TruXter

Very nice looking wireless internet device. One single button. You just connect the USB cable from the MiFi 2200 to your computer and instantly upon identifying the card, it opens as a storage device, allowing you to get the drivers right off of the MiFi 2200. Installation of the drivers is less than 3 minutes. Press the lighted button on top of the MiFi 2200 until the light on the side comes on, then open the VZ access software you just installed, and then click connect in the VZ Access manager, and you are on the internet ready to go.