Mac or Linux Or Windows?

Mac or Linux Or Windows?

Which one do you think is better? Which one do you think is safer?

Mac or Linux Or Windows?

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The question that comes up more than Star Trek or Star Wars, “Which is better Mac Windows or Linux?”. The question that people really want answered now is which one is less likely to get a virus. Mac would like you to believe they are completely and entirely 100% virus proof. That is not even close to the truth. Mac has less people writing a virus for it simply because there aren’t enough users on that system. it’s like spending 200 hours creating a pill that makes people with smiley face looking freckle patch beneath their left pinky nail, have a bad day. why would you do that? Unless you were attacking that one specific person. o a $1000000 Car modification that lets people with a smiley face patch of freckles below their left pinky nail, get good gas mileage. Why would you? no one to use it. Same thing goes for Linux. but imagine that one of the eyes on the smiley face are winking.
On that same note, if there are less people to infect on an operating system, then there are less people to write software for to market them. So lots of software that is available for windows. might not be available for Linux or mac, (under the same license). Linux of course is full hobbyist programmers working more and more to add more software for Linux and make it more useful. So for just about every single piece of software out there for Windows or Mac, Count on the Linux community creating something that is very similar and just as effective, for free.


Software is written to match the operating system
operating system is written to match the hardware.
hardware is written to match the software need
All software can be downloaded now like aps for a cell phone
Looks really nice.
The available software works very well and crashes less.
Mac specific repair, so you know your mac computer will be fixed right.

You can install the operating system on any computer you build
Every electronics store has multiple times more software in stock that works with windows.
Most hardware you buy, is windows ready when upgrading.
Very Customizable.
Large selection of computer repair specialists that are prepared to help you. So you can price shop for help.

You can install Linux on any computer you build, even outdated ones.
There is a unique version of Linux for every need.
You can even install Linux to a thumb drive and use it on any computer without effecting that computer’s current settings.
More developers for Linux than for any other operating system.
Linux is Free (most distributions) you just download it.
Millions of programs and software available, and different variations
influences all other operating systems while being influenced by other operating systems.


You have less ability to customize.
Upgrading your computer could lead to issues since every piece of software is written specific for the hardware.
Not a whole lot of software
The creator of the phrase “Sad Mac”
Only mac employees can help you fix your computer.

The creator of the phrase “blue screen of death”.
Every time you upgrade, you have to buy new stuff.
Patches like crazy bloat Windows down and makes it slower.
So many different malware written for Windows
They invented the phrase Malware.

Huge learning curve for people who are used to one of the other operating systems.
Nearly no repair companies want to touch your computer, not even your internet provider.
You have to install the operating system and all addons yourself, almost no computers come preset-up.
Maybe to large of a variety of software and programs, can be overwhelming to figure what one is best for you.
Though more and more hardware companies are compatible with Linux these days, just not near enough.