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Clear Wireless Internet Review

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Clear Wireless Internet Review

Posted in : review on by : TruXter

Considering Clear?
Wondering how fast Clear wireless internet is?
The trick to Clear is to locate where the nearest towers are in yoru area, and find a window closest to that tower with a good clear aim in that direct, and put your modem or external antenna in that window aimed at that clear wireless tower.

I am with in three blocks of the nearest tower to me and I receive at 10mbs.
there are a few more towers in different directions and I can connect to each one by just moving my modem from room to room and aiming the clear modem to the tower. So I only get good speeds in one room.

The wireless connection from modem to wifi adapter on laptop, not as great. Even in N mode, the signal is very weak. You can’t get a signal 20 feet away. and you lose signal when you have a curvy hallway.

The price, isn’t fair at all. Considering how spotty the connection can be for some, and how low the bandwidth is,the price is a bit high. I mean come on. People are achieving 28-35 mbs for the same cost as their 10mbs plan. $59 a month. Though there is no contract, the payments are automatically withdrawn from your account. That is frustrating. because the whole thing they sell you on is that you don’t even need to think about it. but…. when you don’t think abut something, you forget it…..

but on a scale of 1/10
I still have to give clear a good 7/10