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Comcast chat

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Comcast chat

Posted in : computer, internet, review on by : TruXter

**Warning: Angry Typos Ahead**

Today, I will be taking my Cable box back to Comcast. They have taken it too far
I have been dealing with my neighbor’s dog (she’s a puppy) digging up my comcast connection, for several months now.
I have received insane bills from Comcast And a few other issues that I don’t feel like looking up so here it is in Bing.

Yesterday I decided to try the chat thing, because phoning in my issue of the neighbor’s dog resolved nothing.

TruXter: My Issue: Neighbor’s dog digs up my cable, I have had you guys out a few times re-bury the line. I requested conduit, was told over the phone it would be used. Technicians all say it can’t be done.. I just now came in the house after covering chewed

analyst Dani Mae has entered room

Dani Mae: Hello TruXter, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Dani Mae. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Dani Mae: Hi

Dani Mae: Welcome to comcast

TruXter: hi.

Dani Mae: Thank you for that information TruXter

Dani Mae: May I know what would you like to do?

TruXter: Is there any way I can get a manager or a foreman to come out with the technician next time to bury my cable? and can you ask them not to request to come in my house anymore? the issue is in the neighbor’s yard.

TruXter: They have replaced the splice in my attic 3 times now as if that solved the issue. I need the cable in conduit or something that a dog can not bite through.

TruXter: The cable box is in my neighbor’s yard. 6 feet of cable gets dug up with in just house of the tech’s burying it.

TruXter: hours*

Dani Mae: To answer you suggestion about a manager, I believe that is not possible since only technician process that

TruXter: Someone needs to come out and over see this. This is the very last time I will let this happen. I will change services. I am sick of this.

Dani Mae: And about your request about conduit

Dani Mae: We do not have that, but we only can drop bury your cable line

Dani Mae: For conduit, you can buy that at your local store

TruXter: I can’t watch tv while the dog chews on the line. I can barely surf the internet that I am paying crazy fees for. this is nuts.

TruXter: You mean. with all of the customers that this company has, I am the only person?

Dani Mae: I understand that, where is your cable lines now placed?

TruXter: why did it cost me $200 to get my house connected? they used wire that I already paid for to begin with.

TruXter: the cable box is in the neighbor’s yard. 6 feet from my fence.

Dani Mae: I see, please inform the owner and let them contact Comcast, so we can schedule them.

TruXter: The neighbor and I buried the cable last time while the tech watched.

TruXter: This needs to be fixed, and someone who can make these guys give me the service I am paying so much for.

TruXter: needs to make sure it’s done.

Dani Mae: Sure

Dani Mae: Have you tried calling 1-800-XFINITY (934-6489)

TruXter: can you check my records and see I have done this several times?

Dani Mae: Sure

Dani Mae: It shows here that Drop bury has been completed as requested already

TruXter: ….

TruXter: and dog dig has already happened.

Dani Mae: Would you like to request another drop bury?

Dani Mae: And have you called already for a schedule?

TruXter: yeah sure. and when he is done, can you send him back three hours later to replace the line again because the dog is just going to dig it back up. and tell to take a lunch and come right back… Or send someone with authority to look at this and see it is a slop job and someone is milking your clock at my expense.\

TruXter: Thank god I run a website and have a good camera. This is my final month. you people are leeches.
Type Here:

After this. I called Comcast to solve the issue of the lightly buried cable in the yard with a big puppy who digs a lot, and to understand why just last month I was told that on this bill, my bill would be reduced, yet it’s still at regular $88. When she told me this month my bill would show the changes I asked why she said “because you already paid this month”. Ok. Makes sense.
So I call and start asking why my bill isn’t reduced. The lady that answered, forwarded me to another person who I assume is their “quick excuses guy”. because this dude was just out to win an argument.
I asked why my bill was regular price, and the guy said that it was because I owe $160 for not paying last month’s bill. I told him he was nuts and explained that I paid $160 last month also, and 160 the month before, and keep getting told I am late on my bill. The guy said and I quote “we bill for service before you receive service”. My eyes rattled in my head. I explained to him that every month I have been going through this, and I have not have had service. Since the dog eats my cable. The man said “then you need to speak to the neighbor” and I flipped out on him. “No, you need to get your stuff straight because I am a customer and you are providing a service, you are asking me to make this an issue between the neighbor and I. You can’t tell me that will all of the customers you guys have, I am the only person with this issue. ” Considering how many houses have dogs, there is a really good chance this has been issue on many occasions.

Now understand, the last time I talked to a technician, he was watching me and the neighbor bury the cable ourselves while he just stood there telling me I should kick the neighbor’s dog and cover the spot with rat traps. The neighbor didn’t like that, and I didn’t like that. I asked the Comcast technician why they don’t just bring 8 feet of conduit and get this over with he said and I quote “Job security, we always make sure each other has work”. At my expense no doubt.

Comcast. Your service has done me no service and I will forever refuse you. I will warn everyone I know, just how you treat Customers and how your answering team and all of your help team, are the trashiest people you can have work for you. When you guys go out of business, you might want to worry about the scum you hire, and possibly the way you treat them and tell them to treat you customers. I love your bandwidth, I hate your bandwidth cap, and I hate that your basic cable is lower resolution than any other broadcast. Local resolution from antenna is 740p minimum where I live, your basic cable is less than 480i. That is pathetic and nothing justifies charging for that.

Can’t say I will miss you when you are gone.



Just got off the phone with comcast. Called to cancel my service. Man asked me why I was cancelling service. I rattled on for 15 minutes . taking maybe three breaths while trying to think of everything that has gone on since I signed up.
He was like “yeah, I would leave also, Sorry this has happenned to you, you will be receiving a credit soon”.
and that was it. no telling me I am wrong, no selling me a bigger bundle.

Doin it right. for once.


**Update 2**


Logged in to see my Comcast bill information and to make sure that all of the statements were true, that I would recieve a credit to my account and got a notice to provide a valid email address.  but in back I could see my bill. Lots of junk going on back there. Of course I tried three different ways of handling that page so I could see the bill. They all signed me out instantly.

My Comcast Bill

My Comcast Bill


I have no idea what is going on below that point. Could be a pot of gold, could be a bag of chewed up rubberbands.  The reason I am trying to log in is to see if  I got the credit I was told I would get, since they ripped me off of last credit, and to see if I upset someone enough they decided to change my bill up and really stick it to me. You can’t doubt people anymore in either direction. Good or bad.
Needless to say. I have not been able to scroll all the way down. That stupid pop up asking me to show another email address blocks my view.


**update 3**


All devices were taken back the day I posted this. No arguments, no denying anything. In fact i think the little lady behind teh counter kind of wanted me.

here is their big technical wall of tv screens updated from earlier this year.



Now here is what comcast says I was supposed to pay last month.

comcast bill

Comcast bill

Now… If that was in fact what I was “supposed to pay”. Then why in the blue hell would I pay this ?

comcast payment

Comcast payment

It’s as if the kid I was trying to get help from but only wanted to argue with me, decided to make it look like I am a moron and don’t know how to internet. Now, understand, my bill is usually $79 before “additional charges”. So um. $200 minus 141, but this month’s bill is only $88.06 ? What? Which idiot in that establishment is going to show me how this works, and which idiot in that company is going to translate what that guy said, to non bull %^&*  and make it make sense?

But I have to thank him for showing me I needed to open my mind. I love direct tv and uncapped 4G Internet.



5 thoughts on Comcast chat

  • ComcastMark 2012/04/12

    I apologize for the frustrating experience. I know there are so many things that we have to address based on your post.

    I work for Comcast and I certainly would like to share your experience with our local leaders.

    If it is not so much of a trouble, will you please contact me, provide your account information and a link to this page (for reference)?

    Thanks in advance,


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operation

  • TruXter 2012/04/12

    Thanks Mark. I will have to do this when i get to work tomorrow.

    I have already told my neighbor not to worry about the wire back there.

    Just for the sake of not being a liar, you guys crawling around in his yard again, will not be because of me.

  • Edon 2012/04/25

    Yada yada yada. I believe this ain’t Comcast’s issue. They are doing their job by burying the wires as what you requested, they will surely process whatever. the Better shoot the damn dog and you won’t have to go through all this mess.

  • TruXter 2012/04/25

    Nah. I’m good. It’s not the dog’s fault. It’s doing what dog’s do.

    My issue is resolved. I switched to a company that can deliver what it says it can.

  • Belkiss 2012/07/04

    I love the online chat, Iris was my representative and she was awesome and so wasn’t Charis. I must say they were a DOLL especially Iris. I will remember her hoping for the same service some day. Thank you so much. :)

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