Crazy Woman smashes her own face on laptop in video

crazyLady smashes face on computer and you want to now if it is real.

Facebook current viral video is of a woman in what I suspect is her dining room, just sitting and staring at the laptop camera and she suddenly smashes her face against her laptop. Repeatedly.
Woman in video smashes her face against the computer until her nose is bleeding and forehead is gushing blood.
Here is the link that gets shared on Facebook which is a 9 second cut from the 1.5 minute YouTube video posted below. Watch the Facebook  video first, please.

This video is titled “Girl goes Psycho during make up tutorial” also found as”Woman goes crazy during makeup tutorial” .

It’s fake.
Listen to the sound.
It’s someone beating on a garbage can. Instead of the sound that plastic of a laptop or keyboard makes when you smash it.
The cut on her forehead, notice the lump (you do not knot up that fast, blood has to clot (or fever build)  so the lump is fake, blood pack)…. she had to tilt head back to hide flaw in blood pack.
There is a buzz sound to make you think the microphone in the laptop is damaged when it actually wouldn’t sound like that in a laptop. That is more like an amplifier having an input cable removed, the buzz sound you hear is when a hand grabs the chord and grounds it.

This a stunt by a low quality make up artist, trying to get noticed

This psycho video was created to promote something called “The 15 Experience“. Some guy is making a web series.

Thanks to Jon in the comments section, Her name is Nakia Secrest, she is an actress.


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29 thoughts on “Crazy Woman smashes her own face on laptop in video

  1. only thing that disturbes me is that if a person wants to show off their talent for gore makeup or editing, she would have popped up by now cause this video has been viewed more than 10 million times through you tube other sites Facebook shares etc……..she NEVER showed back up on the net. A friend of mine had a theory that someone is behind her with green screen clothing on to be edited out later cause there is no way you yourself can slam your face on a desk with that much force and go back a 2nd and 3rd time to do it. I think she was murdered.


  2. No she wasn’t murdered. I give links to the guy with the video contest.

    I’m sure she came up but the few that know of her, have short term memory.


  3. listen I don’t know if its real or fake all I can say is I have a 2 year old son and when he jumped out of his crib and hit his head it swelled way up with in seconds and the hospital told me that is a good sign that he didn’t have a concussion but if u are saying it can’t swell that fast that’s a lie


  4. I will call b/s. The “swelling up with in seconds” would be the first sign of an impact and not a sign of a concussion. In fact the only thing that would be a sign of is a traumatic impact.

    but no… It did not swell up as fast as what you saw in this video. It is impossible.

    First the blood has to build and the temperature has to rise then the meat/fat has to react. and it is not an instant act.


  5. well ive punched somebody before and instantly they had a huge knot on the side of there head and it happened in like 1 second i punched him he turned around BOOM big ass knot


  6. Looking for sources on if the video is real or but. But last week I saw two girls fighting in a parking lot. One girl pushed the other down and she fell face forward and smacked her forehead on the asphalt. The sound was shocking. But the girl jumped back up within seconds, I would assume because of her adrenaline. Anyway the knot that immediately formed on her forehead was about the size of a plum. The skin split….there was blood but it wasn’t leaking or squirting. If this video is fake… she did an amazing job with her EYES


  7. Without sources, this claim is invalid.
    I know that you can watch MMA, UFC, or boxing and see that it takes about 30(ish) seconds before swelling happens.
    The human body does not react like you are claiming.


  8. When someone experiences a trauma such as a hematoma, swelling is immediate. MMA fights and boxing matches aren’t a very good comparison to someone seemingly beating their head against a solid object for a few reasons. First, fighters are fighting with padded gloves and trying not to get hit. Most punches are glancing blows, slamming ones face into a solid surface with the force in the video would almost certainly be more traumatic. Also, fighters injuries are treated between rounds, at which point swelling is slowed. Finally, in a fight, the trauma wouldn’t be allowed to get to the extent of the video, the fighter would likely go down and if not, the fight would be stopped. Either way, the trauma would stop.


  9. Hematoma

    a bruise….

    Padded ? you mean the gloves? That are designed to protect the hand .. not the person being hit?

    or do you mean the elbow strikes and knee strikes?
    Between rounds could be several minutes apart.
    Which is hardly “Instant”.


  10. While I know the video is fake (it’s pretty easy to see), I do have to disagree with anyone who says that you can’t instantly swell like that. Unfortunately I can not provide much evidence to the notion short of trying to obtain my old x-rays, but 9nyears ago, I was hit in the head by a piece of gravel by a pitcher buddy with a good throw. The result was a seemingly deafening ring in my ears, a hairline fracture on my skull, an instantaneous know about the size of a light bulb that was pouring blood down my face. I know it’s here say, but I know it can happen. And it hurts like hell. Lol


  11. Whatever the case is, l think that it is grotesque and completely unprofessional. I wonder how many children saw that, you just added another bad image to their growing minds!!!


  12. There are worse things on TV. Ever seen Walking Dead? Kids LOVE that show. Also…”kids” shouldn’t be on social media. Why do people always try to bring kids into it?! “NOT THE CHILDRENNNN! WHYYYYYY?!” Stupid.


  13. I think this video is NOT fake, and I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks, NO ONE on here is a DR or an EMT. I don’t think this was used as a promotional stunt for some b.s. series. I don’t think she as possessed as some others have said, and no this is not funny or a joke. I think she was murdered like someone else posted, the way her head was first smashed then it was turned and smashed over n over again, I think there was someone there behind a green screen or behind her (where we couldn’t see) and grabbed her head and killed her, cause if you look at her face she looks terrified before she smashes her face.


  14. I think this is real I’ve witnessed swelling like this during a rugby match, blunt impact of two heads so it is possible. God knows what happened to her. There is no way this should be on FB. I’m a grown man and an ex soldier. I’ve seen some nasty stuff but I am disgusted by this.


  15. To end this debate on immediate swelling…swelling can happen within 2 minutes of an injury or trauma. It would not happen at that magnitude that quickly. A knot is tissue that has been damaged and starts to inflame due to retention in fluids. It takes time. Imagine a deflated water balloon being your soft tissue. Once trauma occurs, the balloon starts filling and inflammation occurs. This is not immediate as the video portrays, especially not In the ocular area. Bruising is seen. This does not occur immediately. Inflammation causes broken capillaries which cause blood to pool under the skin.


  16. Am i the only one in this post to have children? Surely not yes its possible to have instant swelling im shocked there is people who would think otherwise


  17. Ppl are so stupid & gullible..Has anybody watched the vid with a guy he poits to the wall at his girl & wen she looks he grabs a shotgun & blows her head off..All that stuff done by special makeup fx students..It looks real though..Like this one ..They did a good job & so did she..They fooled some of yaa..lmao


  18. i think shes dead and the whole hoax explanation is just a coverup. thats the most shockin video ive ever seen. i cant imagine a kid seein that. it dont even compare to the walking dead, or anything else kids see on regular tv. of course, this aint tv, and kids should be monitored on the internet. what video are you talkin about Carlos. you said its a guy shooting his wife?


  19. This video is great, and yes… it is fake. However, this website is a frigging joke run by a child. The medical PROOF that people are testifying to on here (including myself, as I work in the medical field) is simply refuted by the site moderator with replies like “no you didn’t” and “in cage fighting, that doesn’t happen”. Grow the (Words I am to Immature to type) up! Man, they will let anybody have a website these days.

    (From Moderator)
    This is here for fun. There is nothing scientific about pointing out how this is a fake video. There is nothing technical about it at all.
    You might want to do a bit of growing up and controlling that anger before you go getting mad at people.
    If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong son.
    and yeah, let’s not go saying you are in the medical field, because you know… You probably aren’t.


  20. Wtf ppl.. wake the $%^k up. She never explains nor shows any latest videos after that. She might be still hiding her embarrassing story, as for example a mental illness or being forced to do so, or is probably been dead by now. It’s just pathetic.. both the victim and the culprit/s.


  21. I just watched the video and I also think she was murdered because the way her head turns it looks like someone is smashing her head against the table and does anybody know what was showing up on the left side before she smashed her head?????


  22. think that issue of the inflammation is completely real, that is, the head if you can ignite that fast , well , anyway , this video is 100 % fake because , look, let’s say someone is wrong that in reality , you think that person after that or some concido of this work is to edit the video and upload it to youtube ? Are you crazy , man.
    So if we must stress it is that this video can be very disruptive for children, look at me I have 15 years and from the beginning I knew it was a lie , but when I saw I almost had a heart attack. It took me 3 days face it and overcome it.


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