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Dating Sites Review

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Dating Sites Review

Posted in : chat, review on by : TruXter

There have been many dating sites come and then go. Lots of these dating sites use some dirty methods to keep you interested. Like fake messages of someone is looking for you, or that there are great matches in your email. Gon’t even try and remove yourself from the email, list.

But I found one good dating site. A real dating site that lets you actually meet people.

After the millions of Dating sites I have stopped in and got confused by (okay maybe like ten and they all seemed the same….spammy).
Being single again, I find it a great time to wander over and get me a good review out of the top two dating sites. That’s right, Plenty of Fish and Tagged.
After 1 week of Learning the systems of tagged and p.o.f., I feel I can make a fair judgment of the two sites.
Plenty of Fish
Is 100% free for everything you need to meet someone. There are added features when you pay.
Plenty of Fish loads very fast.
There is a “Meet Me” section, much like “hot or not’. You get to hit yes, no, maybe on the meet me page. Really a great option to add the maybe. because I do not know if maybe when you hit no, does that person never show up again? Hit maybe just in case you have to lower your standards or it turns out that’s the best this place has to offer, or just one picture of 20 that is bad.
if you click on yes for “meet me” That person gets a notice that you want to meet them.They then get to respond and tell you “okay” or “um sorry but I met someone already”.

With in 4 days, my Message email was full. Full of messages from real women in my area. Educated women from my area. To me this is very promising.

Very similar to Plenty of Fish, you get the “meet me” option, but you don’t get the “maybe” button. it’s a yes or no options only, kind of thing. I am not certain about other cities, but here in Houston, there are tons of No. Like 8-12 no, to 1 yes. Lots of spam. Lots of really trashy women on Tagged (Houston).
Tagged forces you to get pay a monthly fee to see who appreciates that you like them and want to know you back.
There have been a few accounts where I got messages saying that someone responded to me wanting to meet them, but i was directed to sign up for VIP. So I went back through the people I wanted to meet. They were no where in the list. So tagged has set a bad impression to me.
I have been propositioned by what I think is a prostitute on Tagged. Um… no thanks.

All of the matches I recieved from tagged where in other states.

With in 4 days, my messages were full, of spam and messages that made Zero sense. Look people, do not add anything from that site to your yahoo messenger. It would be in your best interest to not even start that problem.

I found nothing interesting in tagged.com. The site isn’t even a dating site much. Tagged is more of a video game farm and bombardment of fake love matching spam.

Of the two sites. I have to give the high score to plenty of fish.
It won’t hurt you to try both and your results may come out different from mine. but don’t get your hopes up on that.
Plenty of Fish seems to be a better class of people. People who can actually type a legible message to you. I have yet to get spam from P.O.F.
So in the End. Plenty of Fish is winner, hands down.

2 thoughts on Dating Sites Review

  • Tammy 2012/05/05

    No – plenty of fish (UK) is full of time wasters and jerks. Cannot agree about better class of men. Additionally the site’s matching filters artificially exposes you to profiles of one race – just because I am Asian does not mean I want to be messaged by Asians only. And why do they need to know I am the youngest sibling or I make so much money. Compulsory questions. Mind your own business. POF is a crap site.. :( Tagged is marginally better.

  • TruXter 2012/05/05

    Tagged in the USA is full of uneducated trash.
    The income portion at plenty of fish, sad enough, the more money a guy puts there, the more the females he will attract.

    Yes I have recently made a troll account just to see how many females and how many female types will come crawling up. The more the money you put there, the less confident the weirdos get and more aggressive the barbies get. and no, I would never, ever, have anything to do with a woman like that.

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