Facebook and the Etiquette Thing

You log into your Facebook account and look at all of the happy notices you have and you start clicking through them. This is your daily pop in and check thing. You do it once, twice, a few times a day. You leave your witty comment and you go about your day until you have a stale moment and you check your Facebook again and read your friends pages. You post a picture, you like a message, and sometimes you repost them. This is the daily thing. This is completely acceptable.

Where the issue begins.
You post a picture of a duck and you tag all of your friends that you think would like to see this duck. Where that becomes an issue, is now your friend has to wonder ‘Should I untag myself from this duck? Will it upset my friend if I do that? Oh well I’ll just leave it”. Pretty simple solution right? Then the person does it again. Since you let it happen before, they see no reason that you’d care. Besides it’s kind of antisocial now to untag yourself. Oddly enough??.. Now your other friend sees you getting tagged in a picture and realizes that YOU like ducks. Now you are tagged in every picture on the website, as a duck.
Okay, ducks, big deal they’re cute. Right?. but what happens when it becomes “Please help the children of the nuclear plant explosion” See that one is tough. It’s a charity type thing… Right? but what if the picture is of these children with radioactive skin falling off? Poor babies. Right? Now you are the person who is into gore and death.

I can be close to vulgar in some of my posts, and I have a bunch of friends who are very vulgar in their posts. I do not want to be tagged in a vulgar post. I don’t want my mom to see it. Even if it’s a vulgar title to express a look on a puppy’s face in the picture. I don’t want it. Don’t do it!

Facebook etiquette

Facebook etiquette

Yes I selected that picture because of the spammy link at the bottom.


Unauthorized pictures
You and your friend are at the zoo and your friend is taking a ton of pictures of you both. and uploading them straight to Facebook. all of these pictures, you have maybe a booger hanging out of your nose, and your friend thinks it is funny and will not remove the pictures.Or you are with a person you are considering to date, but uncertain, meanwhile there is another person you are considering to date. You get a photo of you with your arm around someone, that may turn out to be a bad date with in the next couple days. What does the other person you are seeing have to feel when they see this picture? It doesn’t make you a bad person to be testing out matches. Not at all. You aren’t bound to either of them. They’re still new to you. but jeese, you don’t leave them feeling insecure about you.

Since when did it become okay to post another person’s picture online?

Facebook Picture etiquette

Facebook Picture etiquette

Unauthorized Check-in
You have a stalker. and just don’t know it yet. and your friend is checking you in at the lingerie warehouse for obese people.
Someone does a check-in while in your house and labels it something like “TruXter’s party barn”.

It’s okay to do some of these things at appropriate times. but come on. Control yourself people. You don’t have to tag your friends in everything you do. This is spam. Where is the Facebook etiquette booklet?


  • Can we please stop posting posts with hash tags on Facebook?
  • Can we stop making our kids beg, holding signs saying they will get (enter gift here) if they get 100000 likes ?
  • Stop posting that stupid post about Starbucks not supporting the troops. It’s fake. People do this just for the likes .