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Facebook Donations Hoaxes

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Facebook Donations Hoaxes

Posted in : social network, social networking, Social Networks on by : TruXter

Update 8/20/2014
Since these are making their rounds again, seemingly with the same people who shared them last year and the year before.
The people sharing the images saying that Facebook will donate if you hit like or share on a picture of someone suffering
They do it to get likes counts up and followers. so they can sell the accounts to spammers or use them for publicity and spam.
They are the scum of the earth and everything that is wrong.

They leave no link to the donation site so that you can donate in Facebook’s place. They tell nothing of the child’s well being at the current time or what country even this person may be in.
These are garbage and should be labeled as spam.
End Update

Facebook Donations Hoaxes are really getting out of hand.
The latest “share and like to save a life” picture I have seen:

A 14 years old boy got beaten half dead by his stepfather. His only fault was this that he tried to protect his little sister from being raped. Now he’s struggling for his life, but doctors say he won’t make it without a surgery. His mother doesn’t have money to pay it. Facebook donates 45cents for every sharing or reposing.
How well do these share donations work on Facebook? Do they even work at all? Nope.
Please help.
like, share and spread the message!
Share if you care

And then there’s the burned baby we have been seeing for about 2 years now.



There are a few variations to the story but this is the only one I can find right now since I just saw it today.

This one says

For each share and like, her parents will get 3 cents. Please help them and share or like this post. Help Alexandria have a bright future.

It used to just say “When this picture gets 1000 likes”. That low of a number, tells you it was a child who had no idea how many people actually use the internet.
I’m paraphrasing, but it used to say something along the lines of “an anonymous donor will pay all medical bills in full when this receives 1000 likes” at that time it was at about 200,000 likes.
I assume they realized that was a low number and had to really crank it up to see how many people they could get to like and share the picture.
It is quite sick, because if anything came along using an even remotely similar method, no one will take it serious, or even, be so sick enough as being burned out and sick of sharing and liking, they won’t bother to help.

but the fact still stands. Anyone who says “Yeah, sorry kid, I am not going to pay your bill because you have no friends” would deserve to be outed by their town/city/village or what ever. because that is cruel and gross.
So don’t share these, and don’t like them. You will not be putting a life in danger. It’s just Facebook.

The person who is starting these is a sick individual and needs a real good kicking.

Surprised this isn’t used on twitter. Would spread fast. guess there’s no way to keep track of it on twitter.

Share it or the baby gets it.

Click Share to save the baby