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Facebook has gone too far

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Facebook has gone too far

Posted in : facebook, internet safety, internet security on by : TruXter

*UPDATE* Facebook is definitely asking every single person for their identification, and making changes to your profile to match what you sent them
If you have a friend who had theirs changed but says they never sent their i.d., they are likely ashamed they sent it.
*end update*

facebooktoointrusive Facebook is now asking me to upload a copy of my Driver’s License to unlock my facebook page that I have kept for about 8 years now. Don’t they know that this is what killed Google Plus from the get go? Is the over intrusive nosy bodied “all up in yours” mentality that “This is my site you will not use my site without blah blah blah” Yeah I get that. You have your rules and you have your ways. but there is no way, ever on a rainy day in hell that I will upload my driver’s license to anyone on the internet. I value my privacy. Hence the use of the name I use. This name is well over 20 years. and I am known for this name with many people. I will not use my personal real name on a website. If the website requires I use my real name and verify myself by sending them a copy of my identification, then I am done with that website.

You will not get my driver’s license . You will not get my real name on a social media site.. It’s a fricken spam site. There is no damn way you will ever see me uploading that information to this random dude/female just so I can chat.


Until they release my account with an apology I will not be back and I will take my posts about their intrusiveness behavior to better social site. Such as Reddit and Twitter and wherever my friends from there will share them.


And if there is some weird way you see some other form of identification that I should use, no I will not. It’s just a chat site. Nothing more. No reason to verify myself other than by originating email.


and here is a screenshot of the first computer I saw this come up on.


Here is what I get when I type in my password, the page I get redirected to


If that page does not do the same for you as it does for me, it looks like this


Here is the facebook page explaining why and what form of i.d. is acceptable

I saw this at work, I am seeing this at home. No I am not hijacked. No I am not honey potted.

This is really happening. This intrusive High risk step to make sure we all “know who we are connecting with”.

Facebook is way too vulnerable for me to give my information to them. There is no way in blue hell that I will send a copy of my identification to them. No damn way. Maybe if you sent me the I.D. of every person looking at my personal information, maybe. but that isn’t likely. So … Nope. Screw that.


And here is the email notification from Facebook


and my response to facebook asking for a copy of my I.D.

I will be waiting for their response.


 My only guess is the spammers I busted in this post all banned together and reported me as spam in retaliation. and since I am easier to beat than actual spammers, Facebook  has pulled this crap.

3 thoughts on Facebook has gone too far

  • Anne 2014/11/23

    Wow. That is nuts. I don’t trust facebook, and this sure is a good reminder why next time my friends give me a hard time.

  • TruXter 2014/11/23

    Yep. I think they are doing this to everyone. One by one. Every response and interaction is automated so you get no answers.

  • Skyway Dub Pup 2015/04/13

    i totaly agree untell they say soryy and unlock my account im going back to myspace lol

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