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Facebook Trend Slaughters Search Engines

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Facebook Trend Slaughters Search Engines

Posted in : social network, social networking, Tech News on by : TruXter

Looking on Alexa.com’s “What’s hot” page you see what the current internet trends are.

if you are a Facebook user, you know that right now everyone is complying with the latest trend of changing your Facebook photo to a cartoon character of your choice. The object of this is to not pick the same cartoon character anyone else uses. So people are searching for images steadily and contsantly.

Here is the current most searched.

Alexa What's hot because of Facebook

And here is a brief explanation of how to play along. facebook end of the year photo.

I have not yet seen a Voltron or a superman, nor a HeMan for that matter.
But hey, a facebook Cartoon Doesn’t have to be the coolest.

I am personalizing my Facebook Cartoon Profile picture.

Superman Over Houston