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Fun With Photoshop GTA V

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Fun With Photoshop GTA V

Posted in : funny, photoshop, picture on by : TruXter

Fun With Photoshop GTA V
The gang at the GTA Forums have put together a compilation of GTAV screenshots that are Photoshopped. Thanks to oysterbarron and his efforts to get all of the images into multiple videos for our enjoyment.
Watch for the Credits :-) I hit the credits I think twice.

GTA5 Funny Pictures Video 1

GTA5 Funny Pictures Video 2

GTA5 Funny Pictures Video 3

GTA5 Funny Pictures Video 4

The fifth video

There are a lot of pictures that did not make the list, so I do advise you go see the GTA Forums thread first hand and see the rest of the pictures. Some lead to other picture ideas and you won’t get the whole joke unless you visit the site. but the videos are still funny anyway :-).