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Hands on Verizon Iphone

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Hands on Verizon Iphone

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, phone, review on by : TruXter

The Verizon Iphone has been released. and seeing that I am the only Android user in the office I am in, I am surround in Iphones and blackberries. Today I get my chance to have my hands on the Verizon Iphone. Signal looks very strong. The feel is no different from the AT&T Iphone 4. There used to be one person in the office that used Android phones other than myself, but she got hold of an Iphone (3rd or what ever…older than iphone 4) and Jailbroke it and hacked the crud out of it to use on the Tmobile network. I feel betrayed, wish she made a droid of it.

Verizon Iphone Picture

Signal is strong, feel is very new and kinda heavy, feels like money’s worth

Verizon Import Contacts APp

Outer casing $20 extra, probably worth way more than that, the phone looks easy to scratch, but I didn’t try and scratch my friend’s new toy.

Verizon Iphone

To start, it’s 3g.
to back up your contacts, get the app VZ contacts, it’s much easier than anything teh salesman tries to give you.

My friend was a month from upgrade but wanted the Iphone. Had been using same phone for 4 years, (some samsung or what ever ). asked to get upgrade was told he couldn’t at a discount. He told them that would be fine he will just go to AT&T across the street get the 4g Iphone and pay off his last month at Verizon and that he was not attached to that phone number.
After a bit of discussion “with the manager” the salesman “found a loop hole”. He got his Verizon Iphone for $199.
Verizon’s  Insurance from a regular phone to an Iphone changed from $4.99 to $10.99, Other fees are still the same. To his knowledge. Here is the at&T 4g

AT&T IPhone

The AT&T Iphone In the same building and this is the Iphone 4

Should be 4g but some reason says 3g, signal might be low? Can they jump networks like that? I know my blackberry on Tmobile would go edge and then go 3g,Depending on my location, nearest tower, and interference conditions. So I assume that’s is what’s going on here.

Jailbrok T-Mobile Iphone

The Tmobile Jailbroke Iphone while in the same building. All apps work Signal is fine

FYI, This Post created on my (outdated) G1 using The wordpress app fr Android.