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How to disable LIVE VIDEO notifications on facebook

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How to disable LIVE VIDEO notifications on facebook

Posted in : facebook, how, how to on by : TruXter

Do we care? Do we care that someone has their iPhone on shooting some useless shaky footage of them at the dmv giving a play-by-play?
No we do not.
If you are at the white house and asking good questions, then yes, we all want to see it  (you might get arrested using the camera. not sure. never tried so.. ask first). but if you are just running the live video for the sake of streaming live on Facebook (which you can do with Ustream and have been able to do since Facebook started). Please don’t send out mass notifications
Dear Facebook, please quit opting me in for that crap. I don’t care is someone is streaming a live video of how to call a library and ask for an extension.

That’s out of the way.
Let’s get rid of the “Live video” notifications.

  • Open Facebook on your computer. Click the globe in the top right corner. the one that is for notifications.
    When the list of notifications drops down, look at the top right of that. Click on “settings”
  • Scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the “settings” page, and there it is.Says “Live videos”.
  • Look to the right hand side.
  • There will be a small drop down menu.Likely says on or all on.
  • Click that and make your choice. I selected “ALL OFF!!!!” .
  • livenotificationsoff
  • That simple. You’re done

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