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If Sprint buys T-mobile what happens?

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If Sprint buys T-mobile what happens?

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone on by : TruXter

What can we expect to happen if Sprint buys T-mobile?

Both companies known for their customer loyalty and fair billing.
They are both known for their loss of signal.
What is also known is that they both are on different networks.
Sprint is CDMA and T-mobile is GSM. Two different networks.

So there is no chance of merging the networks and making a tweak to either one and increasing the size of the cell network.
So it would have to be one or the other. Which means one network is about to take on the load of the other network.

If life had rules maybe. There is a chance they give customers the choice and just maintain both networks. Which sounds like madness if you expect Sprint to fire off every single T-mobile employee. Which lots of companies seem to eventually do. but not if Sprint keep both signals

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