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Is Reddit a Scam?

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Is Reddit a Scam?

Posted in : social, social network, social networking, social networking | forum, Social Networks on by : TruXter

Someone found something happening on Reddit where mystery accounts make posts and then disappear, and top voted commenter accounts where created the same day that the original post was created.

Is reddit a scam?

This is Clearly an issue of a dude who wanted to get his video seen. The video could very well be fake. Maybe? bu the trick was to create a few accounts, upvote his video, get it viral. Make a few comments he came up with while he was editing the video and making the accounts. Made those comments for legitimacy reasons and then. Poof … instant money from Google adsense, via reddit.

The same issue used to come up on Digg.com. where only certain content could make it to the top and be seen by everyone, and all of the good stuff was getting buried


Is digg.com Rigged?