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Low Cost Website Host

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Low Cost Website Host

Posted in : Web Design, webdesign, website on by : TruXter

I Use Powweb Domain and Website hosting. ( in that link, Scroll to the bottom and see what the cost is. [$95 bucks two years].)
Simply because the cost is very low, and the storage is UNLIMITED . When they say unlimited, they mean it. I have well over 40 gigs worth of work online. My friends and other web designers who share tips and ideas with me, download and upload files files from my servers ftp channels, all of the time, at no extra cost to me or to them.
When you first register, the cost is half of their regular low price. I recommend you sign up for two years of the web host service from powweb. One year of service is very low, but after that year is gone, you back to the regular price of (not specific or 100% correct) just under $130 a year. So you register for two years and you come out dirt cheap for two years. and won’t have to mess with your domain updating for another year. Plus, search engines love websites that look like they will be around a while. Click the Low Cost Webhost link and just look at the cost.
It’s near impossible to beat that price. Unlimited emails,unlimited php scripts, Ftp logins you can build as big of a website as you want, with no limitations. You can build your website or have someone build your website for you, and never once be told that you can’t do something. You are fully unlimited on powweb.
This isn’t any Go-whatever Website with spammy banners. Don’t want banners? Fine, don’t make them.

If you have any questions of how to build your website Feel free to see my Webmaster tools Use that and come back as often as you need. I have many tips for website building.


One thought on "Low Cost Website Host"

  • TruXter 2011/12/08

    Scroll to the bottom of the powweb page i linked for you to see the prices.
    Oh. Can someone please confirm for me that the prices in that like are special, only to the people that click my link?
    And. Just before the sale finalizes you have some boxes to check or uncheck for bundled stuff. I usually uncheck those options or just hit “no thanks” at bottom of the page.butin some cases, the privacy and or sclecurity features might be very important.

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