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Lubuntu – Lightweight Ubuntu

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Lubuntu – Lightweight Ubuntu

Posted in : computers on by : TruXter

The Light Weight Ubuntu Operating system designed for people who want to use the least amount of resources possible. It’s a bit like Windows Tiny Vista, Tiny xp and Tiny 7. But legal.

Great for those people who have a small child in their family or household who just wants to log into some small gaming site like nick or pogo, that runs on flash, and you have an old computer that is bloated down with windows bundleware, got so many viruses it can barely boot. Now you can just format that thing, install Lubuntu, and update flash (as with all computers) and Java, hand the machine over to the kid, andĀ  you can continue playing your farmville or what ever it is you consider important.

On that note, great for running as many farmville accounts as you can create and as many computers you have just waiting to boot up again.

Wonder if there is a “Live” Version.

So far I don’t see but going to try the Pendrive site and see what can be done. Maybe the kubuntu or xubuntu or Vanilla UbuntuĀ  installer will work for this.

If you do not feel like doing all of this, donate your old computers to On My Front Lawn and the site owner will install Linux to the machine and give it away to a needy family or child.