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Mac Shuns More Flash

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Mac Shuns More Flash

Posted in : news on by : GregSnippets

Apple Bans Flash Compilers?
I know this is about APPS. but what backlash can it cause?… well you see it goes like this……..

So Apple takes another stab at adobe. I myself hate the pdf reader. Other than that. I am ok with Adobe. Question is, what will Apple do next ? Drop the partnership with photoshop? Will they upset adobe enough that adobe decides to forget apple exists all together? If that happens then apple will have to do something that would make mac users cringe. Insert an opensource software…! YIKES!!! Completely unheard of.  Just kidding with the sarcasm. Mac has bought many opensource and Linux patents. Linux users say it keeps Linux alive. I think it limits Linux software and makes developers have to start over.

So, Let’s cross our fingers and hope mac goes corel.

Will this kill youtube? or will youtube and other flash sites (or lack of) be the reason people stop buying mac products? I am certain there are more users of youtube than there are of mac users.

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