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Meme Battles, yep it’s a thing

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Meme Battles, yep it’s a thing

Posted in : facebook, meme, RANT on by : TruXter

I found myself in what is called a “meme battle” on Facebook last night.
Considering it was Facebook, the whole battle thing was some dude and all of his stock piled memes. None had anything to do with the conversation. None of the memes had any consistency, other than name calling and cussing. There was no flow to his posts. Just cussing and posting about how bad he burned me.
I on the other-hand took a slower approach and told a story with the memes.
He never understood it. Probably because he is a Facebook user at the peak of his computer knowledge and meme understanding. In his crowd I am sure he is “Hax0r”. or some mislabeled glorified pointless identification for his blatant a.d.d. stream of turrets memes.
I never got around to posting an old article I wrote about having consistency and or originality to your meme usage. One of those “Woulda Shoulda Coulda” things. Random image guy on facebook
folks, if you intend to post memes on Facebook, be consistent, have a story and relate to the topic. Not just random onslaught of pictures that you think “burn someone”.

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