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Mobile Device Internet

Posted in : cell phone, electronics on by : TruXter

We find ourselves laying in bed late at night on our mobile devices, our cell phones our whatever pads, squinting at our tiny screens telling ourselves this is okay.
I have to say. This is not okay. Do you have any idea what we are doing to our eyes? Have you noticed that more and more people are having migraines lately?
I notice. I notice that my eyesight is getting worse and worse. If I don’t use my cell phone to surf the web for a short while, my eyes feel better.
Meanwhile the websites look junkier and simpler like it’s 1996 all over again. Text with a white background. Built simple so the mobile versions of good websites, load faster on your cell phone or android pad or iphone or ipad. Yet we are paying ungodly amounts for this “fast mobile internet”.

What do we do with this convenient service and device? We check our email, and we check our facebook status. That’s it.
What’s on your facebook page? a bunch of motivational picture that everyone is sharing and saying “Oh, that’s so me”.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough value in this.