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Modern Warfare 2 c.o.d. XBOX360

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Modern Warfare 2 c.o.d. XBOX360

Posted in : entertainment, review, video game on by : TruXter

Throwing knives 1 at a time. Can scavenge and get more, but not at the same time.. So throw kill, pick up the dead guy’s kniufe, throw kill pick up the dead guy’s knife if he still has one.

infinity ward / Activision produced and manufactured the game.

Olympic deaths- when you die you do flips and twists, kinda cool and funny.

Cash instead of blood- latest patch killed the bloody deaths while in multy player. Instead of blood everywhere you see money fly up.
No cheats no glitch, glitch report feature, and all the cheated Xbox’s have been banned.
Vaseline-eye gone. This refers to the blurry background and scenery area that xbox used for every game that first came out to reduce the amount of imaged teh machine has to render, making it easier to  draw deeper detail in the images it is focussed on. Was a cheap scam if you ask me.  when you die, you get blurry though.

Predator drone missile, lets you do a lock on location while an air strike is performed, you guide the missle.
Auto and barrette at same time, means sniper and machine gun  as secondary weapon, pretty fricken cool if you ask me.
Leader board shows total time. Shows wins.
leader board . Shows accuracy shots. 1v1 with buddy = pad scores. one guy on there had 700+ kills zero misses. He logged in and was 1v1 with his other xbox and shot up the zombie machine.. causing zero misses. Kind of  frooty if you ask me..

Fast pace. Game moved at a rate not seen other than on Soldier Front.

Game was cool, I give it a 8/10.

I no longer have access to the game  or the console. ..

Expect a clear review when it hits PC