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My Reddit Experiment

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My Reddit Experiment

Posted in : social network on by : TruXter

My Reddit Experiment will last for about a month or so. Since this is my last year to be on the internet, I will go out,  pushing a few envelopes.

My Reddit Experiment will be me testing the theory that positive thinking is the end result to an upvote society. No matter how wrong or right the positive thinking is.

I will just speak my mind in threads. I will not troll, I will not agitate I will not taunt. My goal is to show that Reddit does not take free thinking, though the members of reddit tend to call their selves free thinkers.

I will not use cliche statements that you see in every single thread such as “your logic has no meaning here” . I will not repost anything. I will be as original as I can think I am being. My end goal is to see what happens to my Karma, by just being me. Posting what I think. and responding with my true opinion. I do have a lot of opinions.

I am about to start an experiment to see if Reddit really is as open minded as it claims. by just having original thought in all responses and posts, to see if the public Karma focus keeps people from being realistic.

I have suspicions as to what will happen. Here are the odds I see of each.
Will get called a troll and treated as one – Most likely
Will be called a wise person – it could happen, but odds are pretty bad.
Will go unnoticed – it’s a 50/50 shot for that.
My account could get banned – It could happen, but I will not be rude enough for that. I will just post my opinions, go with the group or against it as the topic leads me.

What do you think will happen ?