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My Top Pick SEO Ranking Toolbars

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My Top Pick SEO Ranking Toolbars

Posted in : SEO, web browser, Web Design, webdesign on by : Tips Of Tech

My Top Pick SEO Ranking Toolbars
I have been watching the stats on my sites and sites that I work on, for quite some time. For the longest time I was using my own website, a little spot that allowed me to type in any website address and see statistics, like page rank, traffic details, and such. Just so I know if I am targeting traffic properly. With in 20 minutes of checking sites, I have so many tabs and windows open, I can actually sample Alzheimer’s. I just suddenly start forgetting steps and it gets worse as I go along.
So I had to do some searching. In my search for the perfect or best Seo toolbar for my web browser I sampled a bunch of toolbars that just either got dropped by the creators and no longer worked, or just didn’t really do much. Many of the toolbars seem to have done stuff like checking statistics from other websites that show website statistics, but did not like the method this person used, so the toolbars were all blocked.
Now, I have found three SEO toolbars that are a must have, and made one of my one that is a “cool to have”, for Seo statistics. Mine is just a jumble of stuff I found on the web, so , I don’t deserve any praise for the efforts other than updating.

Let’s get to this.

SEOQuake is the ultimate Toolbar for Seo information, from Serp, to alexa rank, back links, in links and a few more options that you have to find in the settings area.
Quirk Runs at the bottom of your browser window, gives you four statistics and does ot take up much real estate.
Alexa Toolbar straight from Alexa themselves
Mine allows you to check multiple websites at one time. Comes with some tech podcasts to listen to. Note the radio player at the top.

Don’t for get to watch your SERP, page rank and alexa ranking, these all matter.

As of the date of this post, these toolbars have the latest fix for google page rank checking.