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Need For Speed World is Briliant

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Need For Speed World is Briliant

Posted in : computer game, game, gaming, graphics, review, video game on by : TruXter

Need For Speed world is just brilliant.
EA the makers of Need For Speed games, have put together probably the biggest gaming idea, EVER!.A totally free version of NFS. On a cable connection, you download and install NFS world in under 10 minutes. You play just as you did in the previous games (the epic ones, not the lame ones) you do races to level up and you make points, As you level up, things begin to unlock for you. Good things. and your car gets faster as you buy (with the money you earned while playing) the things that have recently unlocked for you. “But how does the EA team make money?” You ask. You can purchase super duper awesome stuff, if you buy Credits, or “Boosts”. You can only buy certain things at certain levels. So you don’t have a bunch of weirdos in the game doing unbelievable stuff while still being a level on. So they balance it pretty well. Downside is.. I think you can only buy one car with earned points (not referring to purchased boosts) and that’s when you first create your account.If you can buy more, please tell me how.
Something weird I could do without. The menu area as you bring your mouse over stuff, there is a spark thing they do. Looks cool, but really does make it look like my video card is about to give up on me.

nfs buy cars

nfs buy cars

First thing I did when I realized they were actually using previous cities. Was drive around looking for the hide outs.
The game is flawless. I left everything at default settings, except I did turn the music down. A bit loud at start.
With the video at default settings, the game has no lag no hesitation no hiccups. But it really feels like you are playing the first Need for speed.

Default Video Settings for need for speed World

Default Video Settings

At first when I adjusted the video settings to the maximum I could , I didn’t see any issues. I drove for about an hour. Did one race and drove around town seeing what my top end looks like with all of the shadows and reflections I now see.

Max Video Settings for Need For Speed World

Max Video Settings

While driving around, I found locations that looked the same but different, as if ten or so years have gone by and the place has changed. Updated and upgraded.

Found an Error while driving

Found an Error while driving

Now I search to see if I can find someone explaining “servererror_fatal_errorcode_7”.

Game play 10/10
graphics 9/10
fun 10/10
cost FREE

Need for speed World, is a must download. It’s everything that the Facebook games are, plus an actual game to play.

Need for Speed World can be downloaded from the Need for Speed servers HERE And finally free. a game that pays for it’s self.

3 thoughts on Need For Speed World is Briliant

  • idea guy 2011/12/20

    try turning the video settings down. if not all the way back to default, then down just a tad .. Considering you get the crash when video settings are maxed out.

  • stuarty101 2012/06/08

    i have vdeo settings at mininumn still get error

  • TruXter 2012/06/08

    It will do it when you ar not able to keep up with the server.
    Check network connections, close all extra programs and messengers. Check firewall zettings. And try again.

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