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New Duke Nukem May 2011

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New Duke Nukem May 2011

Posted in : game, games, gaming, video game, video games on by : TruXter

The new Duke Nukem is finally coming. We will see the new duke Nukem released in May of 2011.
The name of the game is Duke Nukem Forever

Too cool. Hopefully this game has a familiar adreneline feeling the original had and tha ” I AM A FRICKEN MAN!” Feel from the one liners and catch phrases that the original Dukenukem had..

Expected Release Date is May 3 2011
That release date is a close one. Usually when a game company tips out a release date, it’s usually 6-8 month or even up to 3 years down the road. But we are looking at a release date of less than 4 months away.
May 3rd is not far away at all.