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New Myspace is Released in Beta

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New Myspace is Released in Beta

Posted in : social network, social networking, social networking | forum, Social Networks on by : TruXter

Myspace now has a bit of a better looking code, up andĀ  working. You can still decorate your background, but in all, the interface per user is 100 times better than before. Myspace still has the media players we all loved and wished that facebook would start. Myspace has now added a “Like” button that everyone loved from Digg.com, and all of the techies know that facebook completely ripped off from digg.com . Myspace now has a “Discover” button . And that my friend if you don’t try that button and you still think that facebook is better and a better social network, then you my friend do not understand the word “social”. Myspace lets you discover people. Facebook allows you to add people, who were already your friend.
Myspace is doing it right this time, they just need a mess load of popular actors and singers saying how cool it is, before the trendies even begin to consider it.
Their EULA is there for everyone to read so you know what your privacy is.
What would be nice for Myspace about this time is give everyone on facebook what they have been wanting. Give everyone a dislike button . *1

Let’s see what I do not like.

I don’t like how I can’t ignore bulletin posts from games. This needs to be fixed. The site feels a bit clunky and bloated, so they need to see what does not get used much and yank that out, so the pages load a bit quicker. I would love to see apps like news ticker on end user side, not profile side. I mean that can strike up conversations. Notifications are hard to find, but it’s the flag at the top.

All fair play I gotta giveĀ  Myspace a fair score while it’s in it’s first release state.

page load 7/10

looks 8/10

usability 9/10

interface 10/10

creativity 8/10

Final Score 8/10

and that’s pretty dang good for a beta on day one.


(Ignore) so you can vote stuff down from it’s glorified position of a perfect score. See people on facebook create these pages and live by the fantasy that they are making a point because 2000000 people like their cause, but what if we could “dislike” their cause and show a full on democracy with this thing? so those who create a cause and preach it all day long until the veins in their neck collapses, can see that more people dislike their cause. That’s what Myspace needs. Get a full on vote system and let the Hipsters see why it is good to allow people to vote. You sure won’t see politicians getting on there. Even better if Causes could be categorized. ok enough about what should be.