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New Overclock record 8 gigs 8 cores

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New Overclock record 8 gigs 8 cores

Posted in : computer, computers, overclock, processor on by : TruXter

linked from AMD themselves on Facebook is 8 gigs 8 cores, overclocked.

Scary cooling and odd methods to prevent condensation.
AMD Processors… king of the overclock again. Setting a record again.

2 thoughts on New Overclock record 8 gigs 8 cores

  • The Sorcerer 2012/11/13

    2 Cores are enabled. You can see it on the CPU-Z. Merely highlighting it. All in the day’s work.

  • TruXter 2012/11/13

    You are correct. Thank you for commenting.
    Wasn’t out to push a lie with this, just didn’t want the 8 cores overlooked. If not noted many people will just notice the 2 cores and move on and dismiss it as old crap.

    yes, even with parts numbers showing. Well.. that’s been my experience.

    On another note, as an AMD user since the late 90s, I am excited that this happened, It’s been an ugly few years lately.

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