netsession_win.exe Uninstall

popped up on thousands of firewalls yesterday.
I am not sure but I assume it is all people who do not have a router with a built in fire wall.
found a post of how to uninstall netsession_win.exe

To remove it, this is the file path. Enter it into Search on the Start menu and there is an Uninstall.exe file in the folder.

C:\users\USERNAME HERE\appdata\local\akamai\

It prompts that the uninstall will possibly cause problems with downloads or streams and that you may be prompted to re-install at a later date.

Not sure what it will effect, but that is the method I found to uninstall netsession_win.exe.
So do it at your own risk

Many people saw that their firewall blocked it while playing video games. or doing something that is streaming. Could be part of Netflix so if your netflix goes down from this, Remember I said “at your own risk”. Some say it might be iTunes. Currently there is no confirmation as to where this comes from. As many people say they haven’t recently installed anything on their computer. Some suspect netsession_win.exe is an automatic update.

Others think that netsession_win.exe is a virus or malware. Some weirdo said something about a conspiracy.
I have uninstalled it and I am running fine. Haven’t found any programs unable to function just yet. but I am on a computer at the office. So…. Can’t really do much. I don’t have any media streaming software nor do I have any games installed.
Here is the site claiming responsibility of the netsession win.exe
Check with akamai site and see if the software is being used by someone who knows it’s exploits, and see if you have anything on their list, that might be installed on your computer. I suggest you read it carefully.


Here is a Quote from the akamai site:


The Akamai NetSession Interface DOES:

  • provide client networking technology to enable applications to enhance their video and file download capabilities.
  • enable secure, closed peer-to-peer networking so that websites can deliver files to their users economically and with faster downloads.
  • provide in-depth information about what the Akamai NetSession Interface does and how it works.
  • provide simple ways for the user to turn the netsession interface off
  • provide a simple uninstall process
  • provide an AdminTool for the user to see utilization system resources and client activity


  • monitor your browsing or other Internet activity
  • pop-up ads
  • interrupt your web viewing experience with prompts or other annoying software tactics
  • interfere with other applications on your machine
  • hide itself on your system
  • take over your computer, nor monopolize your computer’s resources

Is there any way to see the Akamai NetSession Interface’s networking activity and other settings?
The Akamai NetSession Interface has an advanced settings interface. Most users can access the administrative tool in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Akamai\AdminTool.exe

  • Launch AdminTool from the command line
  • AdminTool supports information about cached files, network activity, and other applications utilizing the client library
  • AdminTool also provides ability to uninstall and turn the client off