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Penny Bid Auctions are SCAMS

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Penny Bid Auctions are SCAMS

Posted in : website on by : TruXter

Penny auctions and and penny bid sites are straight up flat out scams. The clock will milk the penny, the penny will continue to role in and you will continue to lose your money to products that you will never win. The auction site will continue to profit and no one wins but the site owner. You don’t and I don’t personally know a single person who has won anything from any of those sites but there sure are hundreds of posts on the internet of ” I won from them and got a brand new car for $200″. Yeah? Who the heck are you?
Nothing more than an employee of the website, a search engine optimization dude trying to save face for the website he is working on, meanwhile helping scam the whole darn planet.

Look here to see what people are saying about the big one… Beezid

and more of the penny auction scams

Everyone is happy to find an alternative to EBAY. So they run to the penny auctions like they run to computerized slot machines. Nothing makes me hang my head more than that. but Ebay the once mighty and powerful money making website, where you profit, I profit and They profit is now just a place where they profit and no one is ever happy again. They own their money trading company that charges you per transaction, while they own a website that charges you per auction, based on the value of your auction, meanwhile also charges you for just the auction it’s self… I have no clue how they justify that other than “It’s my site I will do what ever I want”. So a person running an auction on ebay that uses paypal, gets hit up to three times (sometimes) per auction and pay out.Ebay got too greedy. decided that when they started losing users, they would make up the difference by cranking the price and making their existing users pay even more.
So everyone runs to the penny auctions. Why? because the penny auctions charge the bidders. Charge me to bid? How stupid do you look? No thank you.
Have you asked yourself one piece of the most logical question here? If everything sold on the website goes for less than a penny per dollar, who would be so stupid as to sell anything on a penny auction site? No one. The people selling the stuff do not exist. The items being sold, do not exist. You bid, you just paid the site owner because the clock keeps ticking, the clock just starts back over. And the penny costs you more than a penny (at almost all of the penny auctions) so you lose track of your cost. If that part in it’s self does not throw up redflags and you say “ehh it’s just change” then you are clearly the biggest tool of an idiot and exactly the moron they are looking for. You have a better chance of thinking how much you want to pay for said products, walk to the nearest wishing well and just chunks your money in and see if that product falls in your lap. Not very likely.
Penny auction sites are scams.
All of them.
Don’t be ripped off by them. Even if it’s just a couple bucks. Heck if you are just handing out money….