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Practicality and Smartwatches ?

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Practicality and Smartwatches ?

Posted in : tech on by : TruXter

The practicality of smartwatches might be the failure of smartwatches.
This is an industry that targets people who want to say they have the money to waste on an expensive device and not care about the safety of the device while purchasing it, then later comes the cases, because… you know… the chance you might drop it or something. but it can’t be just an old case. You’re poor and not cool if you don’t pay $50+ for an otter box or what ever over priced case is trending. It’s so trending that you can tell what phone someone has under their case, by the case they have in their hands.
So the watches being permanently fixed in a band, is failure. Especially if the band offers some sort of protection. What could be nice is if someone made some really over priced simple bands that are custom to fit only exact specific models. because, you know… choices are for poor people with bad taste.

The idea of a smartwatch is great. but they will never take off. Society is too focused on showing off their 25 inch Iwhatever or whateverPad. or 4 pound extremely brittle “cellphones”.

Smartwatches are way to practical. You may see a few thousand upper class gray BMW owners with suits wearing them and using them for real logical uses.
For the smartwatches to take off, they need to target the gold wearing tacky baggy clothes wearing Chrysler driving with massive useless rims while living in a 200 square foot wooden shack type people. because for some reason that lifestyle is popular.

Maybe if they give them spinny rims or write “beatz” on the side, they might sell out, and people might get shot every them like cell phones.

They need to be about the size of a current iphone and run up the arm.
Otherwise a smartwatch is just a calculator watch.

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