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Recover Deleted Items

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Recover Deleted Items

Posted in : software on by : TruXter

Recover Deleted Items

Recover Deleted Files
We have all done this, we have deleted something, and was freaking out the next day because we needed the item we deleted. Well if you are currently one of those people who are in shock because you made a mistake that, well you would be ashamed to tell people. Freak out no more. because Power Undelete has created the software to get that stuff back.
Power Undelete Wizard(Lifetime License)
As stated by Power Undelete makers

Power Undelete Wizard is an easy-to-use, windows based application designed for recovering deleted files from NTFS or FAT32 volumes. It even can recover files from formatted or reformatted disk. It can scan disk and find lost files and data blocks, these lost files may be deleted by mistakes, viruses, trojans, spywares, or other applications running on your PC.
Like no other recovery tool Power Undelete Wizard is easy to use, featuring a step-by-step interface that will guide you through several stages of data recovery. You will get your deleted or lost files back in minutes.

You know you have done it. You know your employees have done it. Delete items that need to be used again. Presentations, diagrams pictures,videos movies, songs. all sorts of stuff that you shouldn’t have deleted, well you can undelete these items.
They even have a version for unlimited licensing. Power Undelete Wizard(Unlimited License)

undelete files

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Power Undelete scanning computer for deleted files

Power Undelete

I have this one installed on the server at work, and every computer on the network. That way when someone deletes something from their computer, or a folder on the network that they use, I can bring it back with in minutes.
A great way to restore deleted files.



As all of the sponsors to my to my site, I recommend Power Undelete. If I didn’t believe in them, I wouldn’t use them. and sure wouldn’t recommend them.