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Reddit’s Current state of protest 7/3/2015

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Reddit’s Current state of protest 7/3/2015

Posted in : current event, news on by : TruXter

Currently Reddit is seeing a bit of a protest due to the letting go of a moderator in the Ask me Anything (AMA) section. Reddit let go of a moderator who’s name is Victoria.

Much of the protest is just bandwagon action from people who never even subscribed to the subreddit called ask me anything. The kids and adults who protest to whatever is being protested and many just for the laughs to add to the jokes. Which makes it look like this moderator is someone with a huge fan-base.

voat.coThere are many posts on Reddit saying they will leave Reddit for another website called VOAT.CO.  Which Voat.co seems to be currently suffering from the sudden influx of users and readers.  so the front page is a notice saying that Voat.Co is currently down.
Voat.Co is somewhat of a clone of Reddit, which actually got it’s idea and platform from people who jumped ship and left Digg.com. After Reddit copied digg, Facebook brought in the like button and never added a dislike . This is still a take from digg’s platform due to the fact that the more liked posts get moved to be seen by more people.

Nonetheless, Reddit’s front page is full of bashings while all of their subreddits have gone private and nothing is being seen by new visitors of Reddit.

In the end reddit is getting a nice flow of visitors and steady activity in protest to Reddit.


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