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Review of Reddit

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Review of Reddit

Posted in : chat, social network on by : TruXter

The purpose of this Review of Reddit is to point out the facts of Reddit.

Reddit is a website where anyone can create an account and add their two cents to thousands of topics. Part of the account you create, shows a point system called “Karma”.  When you post a comment, and someone does not like what you said, they can click the down-vote button and lower your Karma. and if they like what you said, they can click on the Up-vote and raise your Karma. Except.. It’s the internet. Full of lazy fat slobs who complain about having to click “one more click than normal” so the users never really click the upvote for something they like. They click the upvote for something they love. But yeah, the slightest sense of negativity, they will downvote you fast. People will go out of their way to tell you that you suck, no one makes any effort to  let you know that you’re “just okay”.

The better part of Reddit, just leads regular people to care about things they never knew existed. This leads people to donate for causes that actually matter. This causes a large mass of people to stand up for what they believe in.

What is another result of this? Well. To stay in a good reputation with the site (higher karma) You will adjust your statements to match the consensus. You will continually motivate the conversation into a positive path. Anything that goes against the conversation, instantly gets voted down. With every down vote,the comment becomes less visible to the public. And buries the statement. While all positive statements get moved to the top and more visible and more Karma is given to the comment maker.

Great plan. Right?

Here’s the flaw.
There is no outside voice. No one can add anything new to a conversation, or tell why or how the current topic is wrong or misinformed. New people come right out of the gun, getting down-voted. If no one can interject with an outside opinion, while everything gets more and more positive, you get a bit of a cheesy lame super nice mentality that is in the end, useless. Like the hipsters who crashed in on the occupy movement and ruined the whole thing (you know…. brought an apple store with them)Apple… good, Cause… good, therefore bringing apple to the stand in against big corporations must be the way to go….

In the end, to be the perfect person on Reddit and fit in with everyone and not get labeled spam, is you have to be an atheist, transgender, black lesbian woman who looks white and loves men, is poor but has a mansion and a car and a company, not eat meat or vegetables, be someone who will never have a significant other, but give great tips on how to pick up, and how to fall in love, and your cat (that you rescued from some place) has to stay a kitten forever.

I am none of that. Made two accounts and am in the negative Karma on both. because I have an original opinion.
I stand alone.

If you say anything that doesn’t pet the ego of the group conversation, you get labeled as someone who is saying what 200 others have already said. So to fit in, you have to say what everyone else is saying, or you will never be heard.