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Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 From Cricket

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Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 From Cricket

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Built in the Axiom shell is the latest Android Galaxy. This means that if you need a new case or any accessories, you have a good chance of finding the parts you need by simply looking for Axiom. Or go into setting/about device and scroll to bottom you will see a model number SCH-R830c. Google that or search eBay for that number and you will find Axioms and Galaxy Admire 2 are the exact same phone, and share a lot of identical parts.
Video of first boot of my Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 From Cricket to show it’s boot time (scroll to bottom of page). Then pictures to compare the Admire to a Bionic and a Zio. ( Benchmark scores)
I received my Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 today from Cricket. and right away, put the phone on it’s charger. Battery was at about 50% charge upon arrival. (of course I didn’t think to take pictures until a bit after opening and charging)
charging 	Samsung Galaxy Admire 2

Finally, No stupid logo in the front.

Finally, No stupid logo in the front.

The sim card and micro SD already inserted. For the record, this phone does not require a special memory card to Cricket’s Muve Music.

Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 with back cover off

Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 with back cover off

Now understand, I am upgrading from a very out dated Kyocera Sanyo Zio. Which is a decent phone for it’s time. But. Single core 600mhz little to no storage, Android 2.2.1.  on the plus side, the phone is almost bullet proof. Been dropped countless times and still works fine, no cracks and less than average scratches. It’s a little tank.
Little is the key word. The screen is a bit small so the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2  will be a nice upgrade with near 1/4 inch larger screen.
Here is a front comparison of the two phones the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2  and the Sanyo ZIO
Which doesn’t look like that much pocket space has been compromised, but look at the slight difference in the screen size.
Here is a side photo of the two phones

Very little (if any) difference in thickness.

I do have to admit that for a couple months, I had a flashed Motorolla Droid Bionic from Verizon , but there was this stupid update notice that I was warned not to do. Well one day, I was typing a text…. and the notice popped up. yep… I clicked it. $50 for the flash right down the drain. but the screen on the bionic was huge. and the Android version was Ice Cream Sandwich. Some options and abilities from Froyo android 2.2, gone, but some things ran smoother with ICS. Also I had to replace the screen on the bionic on the second day after flashing to Cricket. Dropped  the thing not even 2 feet. Landed on a corner.
Here’s a front view comparison of the Motorola Bionic and the Galaxy Admire 2.
The screen area of the Bionic is nearly the same size as the entire Admire 2.
Thickness comparison between the bionic and the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 is a considerable amount thinner than the Bionic.

Took me too long to figure this out, but the tiny button on the right side of the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 is the power button. Not the big skinny button in the front.

Now for the initial boot up

Very fast boot.
Shockingly fast.

Big issue I have run into repeatedly is the back button and menu button. They buttons are too close to the edge. My fingers barely ever make proper contact. and then add the edge of the case I recently added. Plus, for some reason that space between the buttons and the glass, is somehow active and sensitive. So whatever is on the screen above that space activates when you hit that space.

2 thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 From Cricket

  • gustavo santiago 2016/12/09

    compre el celular en usa ahora estoy en México y nadie lo puede liberar yo quisiera saber si me pueden mandar mi código de liberación. gracias

    Buy the phone in usa now I am in Mexico and nobody can release it I would like to know if you can send me my code of liberation. Thank you

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