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Sanyo Zio Review after 2 Months Use

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Sanyo Zio Review after 2 Months Use

Posted in : cell, cell phone, cellphone, review on by : TruXter

This is a follow up to the original review of the Sanyo Zio that I did when I first traded in my T-Mobile phone. I switched from T-mobile to Cricket.

After two months of using this device, I have to say that I am sure sick of shutting down programs so I can save the battery. Advanced task killer is a great program for shutting programs down. but there is no application that turns other applications off to stay off. So all of the apps on the Zio keep restarting just seconds after turning them off. The best way I know that seems to work. is go into the settings area of the phone, under Applications/ Running Services. Find the Application that keeps restarting and turn the thing off there. Why do they not make the programs any more with menu options to turn the apps off and conserve battery?
The touch screen is all over the place. Typing a message has become the longest, daunting task.
I have no resorted to getting a program called “Hey Tell”. Lets me record a short message and send it through internet. Works great on my wifi system. because I sure don’t get enough signal at home with this thing, to send a voice message.
Search opens everytime I do something that takes a lot of focus.
Sometimes it’s the web browser that opens. I have so much as held the thing with 4 fingers between both hands, so I knew I wasn’t accidentally bumping any buttons.
Everytime I pull down the top menu to get the short cut items of preloaded processes, the top slider gets stuck. The fix is to swipe again as if I hadn’t yet. Frustrating. Now I look like I have a scratch and sniff phone.
some useless apps that run all the time, you have to “root” your Zio just to disable them. and what I mean by disable, you have to remove the apps. Hope android market has the same apps, if i ever want to sell this.
Zio in no way compares to the G1. Google’s G1 blew the Zio out of the water, with older firmware and all.

I sure wish Google would pay more attention to Cricket and make something of them. Just a bit of a nudge with a handful of phones just for Cricket, would be nice. Like the G3 ??????

Review score:
6/10 useability
6/10 signal
9/10 appearance
4/10 battery life
3/10 ease of use
Full score is 5/10

3 thoughts on Sanyo Zio Review after 2 Months Use

  • mark 2011/10/19

    Your lucky, My Zio is the worst phone I have ever had. I’m a phone nut and have owned dozens of them with not one complaint but with the Zio, well. I’d be here typing all day and night for a week on how poor of a phone it is.

  • TruXter 2011/10/19

    I’m actually having more and more problems with time.Locks up constantly. Battery life is pathetic.Signal is so low, it’s hardly worth turning on.
    sometimes after charging, it stays in charging mode after disconnecting from cable. I have to take the battery out and reboot it just to make a phone call. while it is like that , I can get no calls and can place no calls. there is no option in this version of android, to disable programs. you can stop the programs, but they come right back on. I have rooted the phone just to uninstall a few default or bundled programs that were serving me no purpose. advance task killer won’t stop them.
    I have a huge list, these are just the top ones.

  • Simone 2012/07/08

    This phone is horrible! I only purchased this phone because they did an excellent job of promoting this POS for a low price, but hey you get what you pay for. Constantly have to force close applications, it’s nearly impossible to type anything more than a word long without making mistakes. Do not buy ever!!!!!

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