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Should You Make Videos of Your Products?

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Should You Make Videos of Your Products?

Posted in : advertisement, video on by : TruXter

You have your products and you have your storefront. Be it brick and mortar  or a website with a shopping cart, or both. You have been paying for advertisements and the ads have been paying off. You want to sell more of your products. You want to know if making a video of your products would be beneficial for your business.
Well it can be. and that would all depend on what you put into your video.
You can’t just hold a camera in front of an object and upload the video and expect the product to sell. You have to give the viewers what they came to see.

You are selling a remote control car.
You can’t just aim your camera at the car while it sits on the counter or floor and does nothing.
Inform the potential customers about your product
Tell the viewers how easy to turn the car on and off can be. Show it’s take off speed, show it’s stopping speed. Show how the car can turn.¬† Show how long the batteries last.
The majority of the searches for video content about your product is them wanting to see it do things, and do them well.

Use good lighting. at all times make sure your product is visible. No need in driving a toy car around in the dark. No one will see it.

Did I say be informative?
Be informative. people looking to see how long the battery lasts, want to know how long the battery lasts. If they do not find that information in your video they will scoot along for the next similar product.

Yes, making a video of your product can get you more sells.
Should You Make Videos of Your Products? Some products a video might not help. what products would that be? i haven’t a clue. I can see myself looking up a video to how good a brand of paper is. For the sake odds, there has to be some products that won’t do so well in video form, what they are I haven’t a clue.

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