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Snapchat Review

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Snapchat Review

Posted in : review, software on by : TruXter

Review of snapchat. A picture sharing application that seems to have a mild popularity amongst the newbies of tech.. People who don’t realize instagram, photobucket, imgur, facebook,twitter and the like already let you privately share images with specific people. but the software leaves the impression that you set a timer for your friend to be able to see the image, then poof, the photo is magically gone all of the sudden.
Snapchat is stupid.

No matter what a website says…. they always save the content you put on their servers. and we can download the images or screen shot them anyway.. so just send the damn thing to your friends… or use facebook or twitter.

The market is way to covered for this stupid app.

Parents, if you see a little ghost icon on your kid’s phone… Then you kid is sharing images they don’t want you to know about. and they think they have some catch 22 (remember when we thought every law’s kryptonite was us thinking we had this?) clause that makes them safer with this app. remove that app from their phone and threaten to give them a flip phone.. Or just give them a flip phone.

Snapchat  Review score
Usability of the snapchat: 7/10
need for snapchat  : 1/10
practiclity of the snapchat : 3/10

End score 3/10

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