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So Sick of the Scam Emails

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So Sick of the Scam Emails

Posted in : email, internet safety on by : TruXter

Are people so stupid still these days that they still fall for the scam emails? I mean really, just because it looks like a legit name for the email like facebook_ceo@rip_you_off.com does not mean that 100% of the internet has to be so stupid as to still fall for that. I mean give it a rest for a while will you please? I mean just long enough for the world to let it’s guard down. The scam emails are getting so constant with the exact same scam over and over it’s like hearing a 4 year old tell you a joke, and probably just as well choreographed.
Like that junk. WTF…. please quit sending your crap to my email. I guarantee you that not even 1% of the world is stupid enough to fall for that, and the number of hits you can get on your site will not be enough for the amount of effort it takes to spam that garbage out.

There is no facebook Dating program that sends you an email. I didn’t fall for this the first time I got it. I am not falling for it now. I have not fallen for this stupid scam the 100000 times I received this stupid scam of an email. How about you try ” got your nose!” with me, you have a better chance.