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Something Is Wrong With My Adsense

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Something Is Wrong With My Adsense

Posted in : advertisement on by : TruXter

These Adsense Results do not add up.

Does that not look funny to you?
The average estimate is Every one in every 200 will click. For me it seems it’s one in every 360 users will click an ad.
Out of 93 user who did searches, only 9 of them actually clicked with in the search. I mean really??? how can 93 people do searches and 84 of those people doing the searches say to themselves “oh, my finger is tired, I have clicked to many times, I don’t care what the results gave me, I’m going to bed now” ?????
It seems that not one single person found an interesting advertisement in my feeds. Of 298 readers who’s feed reader could see an ad, none said ” oh heck, that’s what I am looking for”. None.

I have a suspicious feeling that my adsense account is broke. Look at the pay our ratio of the searches. That’s chicken feed actually a Chicken would starve on that.

Do people not know that the Google search on websites are customized to pull better results for related content to the website they are currently on? Do people not know that Google protects their users and will not allow a bad link in their advertising system? A tech site with a Google search on it will have better results for tech related searches than regular Google and Bing put together. Why? because the site owner set their custom search for specific searches.

See Google does not respond to your questions. Google does not have an actual contact. The best you get is a forum full of other people guessing. Typically they¬† all have the belief that a few people have a more holy guess. usually I ask why my pay is the way it is, 3 days go by and I finally get a response’ you are looking at it wrong” and that becomes the belief amongst everyone. Really how I lookin at it wrong, what part of that, is saying I am getting checks like crazy for some stuff I don’t notice? Haven’t been paid since 2008.

affiliate results

What have I done wrong? If you tilt your head to the left do you see it different than I?