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Speedtest.net and Comcast

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Speedtest.net and Comcast

Posted in : bandwidth, computer, internet on by : TruXter

I do not use comcast. In fact, I use Clear 4g. I have been testing my bandwidth on Speedtest’s website.
and I think I found something fishy.
When I go to the speedtest website and check my Internet speed, I assume that since one of the closest servers to test with is Comcast server, I would get great results. True results of my speeds maximum capability. but instead Comcast seems to only show good results for Comcast ip addresses. I’ve tested from my clear 4g connection, my buddy’s at&t connection, My mom’s Comcast Internet connection and my work t3 connection
Houston has two test locations. Comcast and University of Houston.
Houston Comcast shows me with only 2.8 megs a second while University of Houston shows me at 4.5 megs a second.

While Dallas Frost wire shows me at 5.1 megs per second.
and Dallas Soft Layer Tech Shows me at 5.1 megs per second
Austin Grande Communications shows me at 5 megs per second
Muleshoe Texas Five Area Telephone shows me at 5 megs per second
Cedar City Utah

The issue here is that I live in Houston. I can go to any Texas test site outside of Houston, and get better results. but if I take any computer using comcast service and test with the Comcast server, you get wild high results, but test that computer on any other bandwidth test server and you will see low speeds with about 1/3 of the bandwidth results that comcast showed, not really happening.

I have done these tests at work on the T3 line and again, Speedtest’s Houston Comcast server shows my bandwidth test at 1mps per second

Take from this what you will.